Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Train Boy

Choo Choo! Carter wanted all of his trains set up this day. So we spread them out and had "All Aboard" heaven for a morning.

Slip N' Slide

I am desperately needing to get caught up on my blog, so this post is going back to the end of May for the combined birthday party of Carter's friends Oliver and Allie. Oliver received a Slip N' Slide for his birthday so we decided to put it straight to use. The kids were really funny at first and just wanted to run down it or along the side of it. But once they got the hang of it, it was a huge blast. Carter really got into it and couldn't get his legs to run fast enough to get back to the front of the line. I say front of the line because he refused to wait behind anyone, he was next no matter what. I don't know if it is a good or bad thing that his friends allow Carter to get away with so much.

Carter's tongue is hanging out, just like his Daddy.

What was hilarious is when the Dad's felt they had to get involved and see who could throw their kid down the hardest and make them go the farthest. So we had kids flying out of the end pool and skidding across the grass. But none of the kids who did it seemed to mind.

This was pretty funny. As you can the Oliver's house is on a corner lot and the front of their yard in on a "busier" street. Some driver came by and yelled out his window that there was a naked child in the front. Yeah, that was my kid and not only that but when I got closer I saw that he had taken off his poopy diaper and had sat in some grass. You can't really see the poop and grass in this picture, but Heather said it Carter gave a whole knew meaning to "gracias" / "Grassy- A.." I thought it was pretty funny anyways.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our Religious Harmonica Player

For Carter's birthday, the family I nanny for gave him lots of musical instruments. By far his favorite is the harmonica. He loves to play it and plays it often.

In our church, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints," every Monday night is dedicated to Family Home Evening. Family Home Evening consists of a time you get together as a family and have a spiritual lesson, play games, and/ or have a treat together. It isn't always all three but it is usually a mixture of. We have found a lot of joy out of having "FHE" in our family. Sometimes they can be quite successful thanks to the new Nursery Manuals and other times they can go like this (or worse):

One last thing. Carter is starting to get to that age where we are having those "kids say the darnedest things" moments. The other night went like this:

Matt puts Carter to bed every night that he is home. Right as he is laying him in his crib Matt usually says things like this,

"Carter you are so wonderful. You are my angel. I love you so much."

Last night Matt added to his repertoire, "Carter, you are my treasure."

To which Carter quickly turned and said, "No Daddy, treasure is for pirates."

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

"I'm Gonna be a ..."

That's right, Carter is going to be a Big Brother. I am due January 12, 2010. And to answer some questions proactively:

1. I am 12 weeks along as of yesterday.
2. Yes, I have been quite sick. Not to the extreme that I've needed to be drugged up like I was with Carter, but having the "flu" 24/7 is NO FUN!! And gets quite tiring.
3. We tried for about 1 1/2 years and did end up using a fertility drug, Fermera. It was a miracle worker and was successful the first month. Thank Heavens for modern day medicine. And even though it took us a while to get pregnant, as with Carter I am so glad that it didn't happen until now. The timing will be great in that we will only have a few months left living in Pennsylvania before we move to KC and live close to family.

We are thrilled to have this next little one come into our family. I am nervous about having two and trying to work around two schedules, but I keep telling myself millions of women do this everyday so I will be able to as well.