Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

Every year we do our traditional Pumpkin Patch outing.

 Each year, we have to take pictures by the ruler to document just how big we are getting.

 It's the worst when you get caught with your pants down!!

 This girl was in her own personal heaven - so many animals to pet and feed.

 Her hair - always wild, always everywhere!!

 The girls always wish we had a pink sparkly house, a pink sparkly car, a pink sparkly motorcycle. Well, for an afternoon, they got to ride a pink sparkly bike.

 At 7, Carter is already starting to grow out of some of the fun kid activities that I have always cherished doing with our little ones. I am deeply relieved to report that this was not the case with the pumpkin patch!!

 Most years, this is the activity that takes the cake for the funnest thing at the patch. The kids LOVE the horse swing. It twists and turns and they turn into bucking broncos as they bump into each other. It is sure to get the gut gurgling giggles!!

 The conductor was not very pleased with me that I was putting the train behind on it's departure time.

 Carter was a pro at wrangling up his cattle.

 The traditional picture on the traditional giant rocking chair.

 The Midwest is different than my home state of UT in just about every way possible - but it definitely has its own unique beauty about it!

 Once again, her hair!!!! I can not get over the MANY flecks of color that makes up her hair.

 Oh Carter for how much you tease these two girls beside you - those moments when you are sweet and kind and protective of them - just melts my mommy heart.

I think those adorable, little, chunky hands that are covered in dirt sums up perfectly our fun evening we had at the patch this year. Till next meet again pumpkin patch...