Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Whitney and Ryan Get Hitched for Forever!!

Hayden walking up to greet Ry and "Whintey" once they come out of the temple.

Ryan and Whitney after almost 4 years tied the knot!!  They were sealed for time and all eternity at the Winter Quarters Temple in Omaha, NE in March.  Their wedding ceremony was so beautiful!!  Matt and I were so thrilled for them that they were recieving such amazing blessings for both living such great and worthy lives.  We love them both and are just so grateful for their choices and their love. We are grateful for their friendship and their sisterhood and brotherhood.  The gospel is an amazing thing!  Families are amazing things!!

 Dade and Carter are sharin the love, too!

 Introducing Ryan and Whitney Lawter!!

 Matt's oldest brother Cory with his awesome girlfriend Susan.

 All the nieces and Nephew!

 Great Grandpa and Grandma B came bearing gifts.  Carter got some rockin BYU hair!

 Great Grandma sweetly made Hayden and Abigail a big and little sheep stuffed animal. Grandma made one for Whitney when we was little and decided to make one for my girls.  Those stuffed animals will always be kept special!!

 We tried to get some family pictures taken. I forgot I had my wrong shoes on so we had to try again below.

 Two of my friends Heidi and Natalie did the decorating for the reception and can I say WOW!!  These two have talent coming out of them in every direction. They are amazing!!

 Every center piece was a little different and each as gorgeous as the last.

 My dear, sweet Heidi whom I love! She is the amazing lady that threw my breathtaking Baby Shower!!

 Kurt N' Meg's chubalub Elway! What a cutie!

 The Mothers!  Aren't they good lookin!!

 Carter lookin all Dapper!!

 It's always good to practic a little Karate and Ryan is always ready to play along.

 Hayden was a HUGE fan of the milk and cookie bar!

 I'm pretty sure my kids would have danced the night away if we had let them.  I don't know if they missed a dance.  This was my favorite part of the evening.  I LOVED dancing with my kids! It was just one of those "It's so awesome being their Mom" moments!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flashback to February

Yes we are CLEAR BACK to February!!  I will get this blog caught up.

Matt and I came home from a date and saw our sleeping beauties and I couldn't help but take a picture of how beautiful they are!!

At Carter's preschool they did a donut with Dad's time and Matt took the morning off of work to go. He said how awesome it was and how much his love grew even more for Carter.

 My two girls - side by side.

Hayden looks like she is going to eat her face! Abbie is so cute that sometimes you just want to eat her up.

One of my favorite pics of her!

I love this little out fit she has own.  The shirt was given as a baby shower gift, it says, "Miss November" because I was so hopeful that even though I was due in December, I would have Abbie in November.  Abigail cooperated and she came in November. The skirt and headband is from my friend Heidi.  Her cute girls wore those adorable little things and Heidi was sweet enough to pass them down to us.

This was us all ready to go to Matt's Dr. Prom.  Whoo Whoo!!

Carter being the good big brother that he is!! I think he is singing the song to one of his favorite IPAD games "Dragonvale." Abbie checkin herself out:

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Abigail Bonnie Nielsen's Baby Blessing

Abigail Bonnie Nielsen

Blessed April 15, 2012 by her Father Matthew Dean Nielsen

Back in April, when we were out in Utah visiting my family we decided to bless our little girl Abigail in my Brother Chris's home.  Chris and his wife Kari are the sweetest and warmest couple.  I love them very much and they have created a beautiful home but more importantly a beautiful family. Chris was kind enough to take all these picture to document this special day.

This picture is of the four generations of ladies. My Grandma Yvonne, my Mom Karen, myself, and little Abbie.

Four generations on my Dad's side: my Grandma Ione, my Dad Craig, myself and little Abigail.

 Our Family that I love!!

 Four Generations of Yvonnes and it's all middle names though Grandma goes by Yvonne: Grandma Darlene Yvonne, Karen Yvonne, Amber Yvonne and Hayden Yvonne.  I kinda hope Hayden carries on the tradition, but she gets to make that choice.

 The lovely ladies on Matt's side Aunt Whitney and Grandma Bonnie - Abbie's namesake.

Now we add in our handsome men and we are about complete except Grandpa Jay. Whitney's new husband Ryan and my hubba hubby Matt.

Our precious angel Abigail.