Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Never too Late for November

This is my catch up post for November:

This is the way that Matt watches his BYU Football. I get such a kick out of it. Let me explain exactly what is going on in this picture. Matt is watching the game on TV while keeping track of all the stats online and listening to the live KSL Radio feed off of his I-Phone (one ear bud in his ear). Can we just say: OBSESSED!!

This was a rare morning, where Matt didn't have to go to work or round or do anything else. We could all just get in bed and cuddle and laugh and have a good time.

I already did a post about going home back in November to see my brother Tim go on his mission. But I missed putting a couple pictures in there. This one of my mom above is so classic Grandma Karen. My mother has an intense love of books and reading. Now that the kids are mostly all grown and out of the house she has been able to follow this passion and has become a certified tutor and finds great fulfillment from helping struggling children develop a love of reading as well.
Below is my niece Kaylee all dressed up after her school's Thanksgiving Feast. Isn't she adorable!?!

This picture is being annoyingly stubborn and won't go to where it belongs, so for the sake at keeping my frustration level low, I am leaving it here. But it should be up by the picture of Matt and the kids in bed.

Matt and his Buddy Carter. These two are such cute buds. I LOVE IT!!

Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Jay gave a Hayden a walker for her Birthday. But because Hayden was getting antsy to walk and was pushing anything around that she could, Grandma gave it to Hayden around Thanksgiving. We got a couple cute videos of her learning how to use her walker:

Up to Date in December

As you can tell, I am desperately trying to get caught up on our family blog, so here are the last videos and pictures from December.

At the beginning of the month we had our Iowa Family (not related by blood, but related for all the reasons that count) come to visit us. It's so nice that we have returned to the Midwest so that we can see some of our long lost friends again.

We went to a local old train station that has a yearly tradition of exhibiting a huge train display at Christmas time. I sadly, didn't take many pictures and not nearly enough pictures of our IA family, but what I have will have to do. Above, Taylor (I can't believe she is 13!!) is holding Hayden. She and twin brother Michael were so great to help out with the kids all weekend long. Whether Michael wanted it or not he had a side kick every second by the name of Carter. Taylor even changed a diaper for us!!

Kim holding Hayden.

Some of the train display.

Hayden just content to be a long for the ride as usual.

Later in the month, Matt and Carter built a fort in the basement.
It even came with a secret handshake (oops, I guess it's not so secret anymore):

Hayden was just playing with the other toys and wishing that brother would let her into the fort. Alas, no girls allowed. (Mom got to go in once.)

Our snow amounts here have been pitiful so far (I'm not complaining). Only once, was it somewhat worthy of getting snow clothes on to taste some delicious snow. But it was much too cold for Mom, Dad, or Hayden to attempt to go out in it. So Carter was out for maybe 5 minutes and then he too decided it was too cold.
The video below is of Hayden at the beginning of her stair climbing days when she was trying to climb stairs every second that she could. Now, her thing is trying to sneak into bathrooms to play with the toilet. There is something about that white, sparkling (I try) throne. Really, it just grosses me out, so the rule at this house is the bathroom door is to be closed AT ALL TIMES!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve

Let me just start by saying this Christmas was one of my top 5. I don't know what it was that made it so nice, but it was just fun and relaxed and I was surrounded by wonderful people. I also had some nice conversations with my family on the phone and my missionary brother.

First off, let's discuss Hayden's hair. She has some of THE BEST bedhead known to man or woman. The sweet thing about her hair below is that she hasn't even gone to bed yet. Every Christmas Eve night we open a few presents including PJs so she is opening her new PJ present.

Everyone showing off their FOOTY PJs, though Matt's are not new to him or this blog. His PJs come out from the dark where they belong here and there. Whitters PJs are complete with butt flap as you can see down below. But I LOVE all these cutie putooties in this picture above.


And those pants would be Matt's new "pjs." And no I have no idea what he is doing and what's going through his mind, but he posed, I snapped and the rest is history.

Santa, though it was touch and go for a while, did indeed come to our house this year. Jay, Bon and Whit came to our house Christmas morning to open gifts so we have their presents under our tree too, except for those that Santa brought to their house.

This Hummer was the big gift Santa brought this year. It is still a puzzle on how he fit it in his bag and through the chimney.

"I love Christmas!" Carter decided to sleep in till 9am on Christmas morning so I snapped a few pictures of Hayden while we were waiting on sleepy head to open gifts.

When he woke up, we got a video of him coming down the stairs for the first time:

Now that is one cute present!!

Carter loved opening presents this year. Every year he understands more and more. This year he asked Santa for Legos and when he opened his Legos, he said, "He knew, Santa knew I wanted Legos...because I put them on my list." He was so excited as you can see in the video below. But my very favorite thing that was said this year, was towards the beginning when he saw all the presents left and his stocking loaded with stuff he sighed with relief, "I was almost a bad boy this year."

Dad and Carter playing with his Legos.

Our precious gifts that Carter made us at preschool.

Matt was feeling extra saucy this year I guess.

Merry Christmas Matty.

Merry Christmas Carter!

Merry Christmas Hayden!

Merry Christmas Me!
After present time, then brunch at our house and nap time, we headed over to Nielsen Srs for games, Wii, dinner and fun.

Hayden doing what Hayden loves most:

Whit got a foot massager from her man and Hayden enjoyed getting a little bottom massage. Her face is hilarious in this video:

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and I hope you have a fantastic New Year!

Carter's 2010 Christmas Preschool Program

December 20, 2010
Carter had an adorable Christmas Preschool Program this year. Each class was dressed up as one of the participant's of the Nativity Scene. Carter's class was dressed up as the animals. They sang lots of cute songs complete with actions.

We weren't allowed to take any pictures or video (unless in the balcony) so as to not disturb the kids. So afterwards, they all posed for us. It was so cute to see them sing their songs. Carter was definitely the craziest kid. He sang the songs and did the movements, but with his own crazy twist on everything. I was not surprised because that is just the way he is. I got several comments from the parents afterwards at how much groove my son has. He is a lover of music. To be honest I was just relieved to see that he was wearing his costume. But this was a very rewarding day as a parent. I was teary eyed the whole time, watching my beautiful boy performing and looking so cute. I was so proud of him and grateful for all his teachers and the hard work they have put in with these kids.

The whole group.

So I know that they said no video, but I cheated. Their last song was so adorable and I could sneak a video on my camera without people knowing so I did:

Hayden was a good audience member and loved seeing all the kids moving and singing.

The little cradle I thought looked so precious up there all by itself before the program started.

This is the sanctuary of the church where Carter goes to school. It is a pretty building and one of the old buildings in Liberty. Just a block or so away from Liberty Jail.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

We at the Nielsen house can't wait for Santa to come!! Though some of us have been more naughty than nice this year (Carter) :) Santa is still coming. It was so fun to see how Hayden reacted to Santa. She wasn't scared, just inquisitive. She couldn't quite figure out who this guy was.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy First Birthday Hayden!

Our Baby Girl Hayden turned one and it was so nice to have a fun, calm, Hayden-centered celebration with Matt's folks and sister. They came over in the evening and we had my Mom's clam chowder and then after presents and playing we had cupcakes for dessert.

Hayden listening in to Grandma Karen singing her Happy Birthday. We miss the family that is not around on days like this, but how blessed that we can still communicate through phone and email and blogs.

Right before we started the Birthday festivities Hayden had a huge blowout so we decided to start the rest of the evening in the Birthday suit since she was going to end up that way for her cupcake anyways. It's kind of fun to document how big she truly is at her big age of One! In this picture she is saying, "who me?"

The video below is of her "opening" her presents and checking things out:

The video below is us singing Happy Birthday to Hayden:

At first Hayden just wanted to lick the frosting.

Then she started to get more daring.

Then she started ripping it apart and throwing pieces on the ground. She was so fun to watch we just kept laughing and laughing.

Then at the end, after all that new exploration, she was on a sugar crash and exhausted.

The rest of the evening we just hung out and played.

And got a group picture. It was so nice to have it so low key so that I could really focus on Hayden and see her experience every last bit of her Birthday events. We're so happy she is in our family and love her lots and lots!!