Friday, May 18, 2012

Carter's Last Day of Preschool EVER!!

Carter had his last day of preschool EVER last Wednesday!!  I got pretty teary-eyed at the thought of this big chapter we are closing.  Of his 5 years he has spent 3 of them in preschool. It's been a big part of his life thus far!!
 At the end of each year, each student is given an award.  This one was very fitting for my little man. He received the Future Engineer award.  My Carter is OBESSED with building with legos and blocks, etc.  During free time at preschool Carter would almost always gravitate over to the big bin of Legos that they have and he would build one of his elaborate creations.  When it came time to clean up, Carter would get very upset if anyone dared to destroy one of his masterpieces so the class learned to tear apart and put away everyone elses Legos and leave Carter's work of art on top. Then the teachers after class and all the kids were gone would nicely take Carter's Legos apart and put them away.  Now those are some loving teachers to see the need for an exception here.

I always love "before" and "after" type of shots and here was Carter above on his first day of preschool and in the top picture you obviously see him with his teacher Mrs. Courtney on his last day.  Last year the first and last pictures were surprisingly different.  This year, not so much.  Last year Carter, unbeknownst to me had the same outfit on for his first and last day.  And once again, I unknowingly tried to put him in this very outfit again but couldn't find that polo so instead he has a tshirt on with those same shorts.  So funny!!

Carter's preschool always puts on fantastic programs that get me all teared up!  This end of the year one was no different.  They first sang some of their bible songs (he goes to a Baptist preschool) and then Spanish since they have Spanish class, and ended with songs they learned during singing time.  I will add some videos of a couple of the songs they sang below.

This song below is one that I LOVE!! I hear Carter sing this song around the house and it is always done reverently, as it should. I love to see him sign so sweetly and sincerely.