Monday, August 22, 2011

Carter's First Day of Preschool 2011

It's crazy for me to think that this is Carter's 3rd and last year of preschool. He is looking so big and grown up, but I remember thinking that last year at this time and now I look at those pictures from last year and think how much he's grown up since then. They just grow so fast. I love this boy so much and am so grateful that Heavenly Father deemed me worthy to be his mother. We have our struggles, but everyday we are learning from each other. He is a remarkable kid!

He was so excited to wear his new Lego Star Wars backpack and carry his new lunchbox. This is the first year he is taking a lunch to school, it's a pretty big deal!

It's so fun to have a Grandma in town that can go to days like this with you! And for those of you wondering, I am 25 weeks along.

Carter really wanted to wear his mohawk on the first day of school. His only disappointment was that it wasn't higher. He will soon learn, that with his Daddy I don't know if it will ever get much higher than this. (My Mom is nodding with approval right now as she is reading this comment. I love you, Mom!)

For the fun of it, I thought I would include last year's first day of school picture. It's amazing how much he's grown!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Iowa State Fair 2011

When we used to live in Des Moines one of our favorite things was to go to the IA State Fair. I dare say it's the best state fair in the whole country. One year while living there, USA Today voted it one of the top 6 things do in the summer through out the country. While in town for the weekend we stayed with some very dear friends of our that we made up there while Matt was going to school. I worked with Tom, the Dad, at a local bank.

This was Carter's favorite thing he did at the fair. I couldn't believe how high up he went and how big he looked.

The Big Slide. Carter slid down with Michael on one side and Taylor was on the other side.

I love the look of pure joy on Carter's face.

Michael and Taylor holding Hayden on this big wooden train that the kids LOVE to climb on. It was really cool.

There was a baby pig that we got to pet that was only a few days old.

This baby calf was also a few days old. They had two big flat screens on the walls of this building showing the birth of this calf. I find it quite fascinating. It was a lot messier than what you see in movies. It was all really cool to me until the Mom started licking off all the after birth and then my stomach couldn't take it anymore. That is one impressive Momma willing to do that!!

A baby ostrich!

We saw this baby chick come out of it's shell. It was so amazing to watch, I got all teary-eyed.

Baby Goslings

These baby goslings were so funny because they would play tug a war and tag with these little fishes in the pond. We just sat around and laughed as we watched.

Our crew admiring the baby goslings.

The other part of our crew - Tom and Michael.

Baby Sheep

The famous butter cow, celebrating it's 100 year anniversary of being made.

Carter was quite impressed by these HUGE pumpkins.

Matt and I were in shock over the cost of these tractors. Some of them cost as much as a REALLY nice house!

This wagon was our big rip off of the day. We forgot a stroller and without there being straps in the wagon to keep Hayden in, it was pretty close to being a total waist of $15 rental fee for the day. But we did get close to 100 people asking us where we bought our collapsable wagon.

Here is our Fair crew except Matt (taking the pic) and Carter (too exhausted to smile in a pic)right before we took off. It just felt so good to be back in IA again. It truly is America's Heartland. It is so beautiful and peaceful. Plus, to see friends we love was so great as well.

What cute boys I have!

Carter jumping on the tramp: