Thursday, January 31, 2008

We're Back!

Carter, Matt and I made it home a week ago today from vacation, barely!! Carter and I were gone about 5 weeks and Matt met up with us at the end for a week. Carter got sick with a nasty stomach flu the Sunday before we left and Matt and I came down with it the night before and were up all night throwing up amongst other things and had to leave the house with a bucket to catch our flights the very next morning. Not only that but Matt and I were on separate flights and because I had the direct flight I took Carter with me. So when I had to throw up on the plane the nice flight attendant took Carter while I went into the bathroom to do my thing. It was one of the most miserable experiences of my life. Carter has just now turned the corner and looking like he is getting better. He didn’t eat any solid foods for about 10 days and lost at least 2 pounds. Needless to say I was an emotional wreck from all the worrying, crying and lack of sleep. Also, sorry to my family, last I heard every single person except for two got the same bad deal. Isn’t it so nice to get the family together?

Thanks to the man at the airport!

After reading the above entry I think everyone gets the picture of how awful the flight home was. Well, after landing on the ground here in Pittsburgh I had one of those little “talks” with Heavenly Father telling him how nice it would be if someone I knew like Emily Child just happened to be walking through the airport and could help me home. At this point I had absolutely zero energy, zero food in my body, a 24 lb baby in a Baby Bjorn, a heavy backpack on, a heavy diaper bag swung over a shoulder, and I was heading over to baggage claim to get two more large pieces of luggage. I also had to somehow get to a shuttle to get to my car parked in extended parking. I was feeling pretty overwhelmed. After I got my luggage and was walking up to the shuttle stop a nice man walked up to me and said, “You look like you could use some help.” Then once we got on the shuttle he heard me say I needed to stop at shelter 11 and he said what a coincidence that was his stop, too. So then he helped get all my stuff off the shuttle and said to me, “You know what coincidences are don’t you? They are God being anonymous.” And like that he was gone. It took a second after he said that for it to sink in that he was my answer to my prayer. How blind I had been!! Here was God helping this whole time right in front of my face and I didn’t even realize it because he wasn’t Emily Child. How many times does God help me every day in such an obvious way and I don’t realize it because someone doesn’t practically slap me in the face and say I am that miracle you were praying for. So, thank you kind man at the airport who was living his life right to be a servant of God. I pray I can return the miracle to someone else someday.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cabin Fever

Our last weekend before coming home was spent with my mother's extended family doing our annual cabin/snowmobiling trip. This post is dedicated to pictures and video showing the fun we had with cousins, snow, rocks, and air mattresses.

This is my cousin's little boy who is six months older than Carter. They had a good time together. Especially just sitting on this step.

Matt had a bet with the "U" fans in my family that whoever won the Big Game the other fans had to wear "proudly" the gear from the winning team. And of course the Cougs won so Matt and I got to happily see the Utes in their BYU apparel. I am quite saddened that we only got a picture of Brad in his hat and not the rest, but we have to give a shout out to Jen who wore her "Y" gear the longest. Can't wait to see you guys all dressed up again next year!

This is my sister Nicole with two of our neices. All beautiful girls.

This is my younger brother Timmy with Matt in some snow tunnels my brothers dug out. These two never stop goofing around together and I love it!!!

Carter has discovered a love for brushing his teeth and was so proud to be brushing with Grandpa Craig.

The cabin has a rock pit that kept Carter entertained for hours. I'm thinking of ditching all our toys and digging a ditch in the basement and filling it with rocks. Or purhaps just keeping an air mattress blown up at all times.

Here is the portion showing our winter fun:

Friday, January 25, 2008

A Few of my Favorite Things...

On our way home from the Children's Museum Carter zonked out in the car while holding on to my finger. A lot of times when he is so exhausted while in the car and on the brink of falling asleep just by holding on to my finger he is able to drift off to La La Land. I was thinking this was one of my favorite things and then I thought I wanted to take a few pictures of some of my other favorite things. Keep in mind as you look at these pictures I was taking these with just one hand in a moving vehicle.

I love looking at these shoes and seeing how worn out they are getting. Because they are soft and light they were his first shoes I put on him and because they are the only ones that are sure to stay on they continue to be my favorite. Sadly, from all of his activity he is wearing them down and they are beginning to have holes. How I love those little shoes that hold his precious feet.

How could you not love the double chin that is slowly becoming not as double as it used to be.

I thought I would also include one of Carter's favorite things. He is most definitely a BINKY BABY!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Salt Lake's Children Museum

On January 12th Carter and I went to Salt Lake's Children Museum, Discovery Gateway. It was a pretty cute place and Carter had a lot of fun. In fact he was having so much fun "running" from one thing to the next that he wouldn't sit still for a good shot...that is until he found the water section that allowed him to have two of his favortie things at one place. A constant flow of water along with balls.

Here are a few other shots/video I got as Carter was all over the place:

This cute girl is my sister's 3rd child Kaylee.

I love this next string of 3 pictures because they totally show Carter's personality. Notice how he is first turning his own wheel and then he looks over and sees a big boy turning another wheel and Carter decides he needs to be just like the big boy.

Here is one of the three little pigs:

Thanks to my family for helping to make it such a fun day.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Our Lovey Dovey Snuggly Boy!!

While Carter and I were up in Cache Valley we went to visit Matt's Grandma and Grandpa Nielsen. The picture below shows our sweet snuggly little boy at his finest.

I also wanted to get a picture with Carter and both Great-Grandparents. Great-Grandma Nielsen picked up Carter first and true to form Carter jumped straight from the girls lap to the boys lap. Carter much prefers boys over girls (except and only sometimes when it comes to mommy). When we explained this to Grandma so her feelings wouldn't be hurt, Grandpa immediately replied that he prefers girls to boys.

Great Great Grandma Jackson

Carter and I have been out in Utah visiting my family since New Years Eve. While we've been out here Matt's Great Grandma and Carter's Great Great Grandma Jackson passed away. Luckily a year ago when Carter was just a few days old we were able to go up to Lewiston, UT (in Cache Valley right on the UT/ ID border) and get a five generation picture. It was a very special day.

Here is her beautiful farmhouse and land:

New Year's Day

For New Year's Day it is a family tradition on my mom's side to go sledding and then get together afterwards for soup and games. Here are some pictures of our fun:

Carter with Grandpa Craig.

Carter sledding with Uncle Timmy, who by the way Carter adores. Our second day at my parent's house after Timmy left to school Carter was down banging on his bedroom door wanting to play.

Carter sporting pink boots. I couldn't find boots that fit Carter so my sister who has all girls lent us her girl's boots. But I think Carter is firm enough in his masculinity to wear them. :)

Taking a snack break from all the fun.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Carter Loves Balls!!!

Carter's favorite thing, beside drinking out of a cup, is a ball. In fact "ball" was his first word next to dadda & momma.


Carter and his cousins Rockin out to AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" in Uncle Timmy's room.