Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spooky Dinner & Pumpkins

October 25, 2010

Mummy Dogs
For Family Home Evening, with Matt's parents and some friends we started a new tradition. Every Monday night before Halloween we will have a Spooky dinner and carve pumpkins. Our first night went off with success thanks to Bonnie for all her hard work.

Spider Cupcakes

The food not only was so fun for the kids, but it was also delicious!

Witches Brew

Baked Rats

Vomit or Boogers (take your pick)

Wiggly Worms and eye balls

Now let the carving begin!

Our buddy Dave.

Jay was kind enough to help out with one of our four pumpkins.

As was Samantha, another family friend. She carved Hayden's pumpkin.

Here's Dave's Kiss pumpkin.

Matt stepped away from his traditional BYU Pumpkin and did a Cougar instead.

I carved Carter's pumpkin. No surprise that he chose a bat (vampire bat).

And Jay did a fantastic job carving our fourth ghostly pumpkin.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Local Pumpkin Patch

Today we went to the local Pumpkin Patch. Can I just say, Man these things have gone up in price! But the lady at the ticket window hooked us up sweet style. It was a windy day, but a fun family outing.

I am guessing this will be a traditional picture of the kids in front of the big measuring stick...

And Dad....

And Grandpa...

And Grandma...

They had a petting zoo:

Then off to Carter's favorite thing.

The trikes. I remember Carter trying to ride one of these years ago and had to pushed around by Whitney's boyfriend Ryan. Now, he is cruising.

Hayden got pushed by Daddy.

We are some pretty seductive women!!

Hayden LOVES to wave. She just started clapping too and it melts my heart.

Ride em Horsey.

All Aboard!

See ya later Folks.

Digger Heaven, wish our buddy Linus could have been there.

That's a wrap folks.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bitty Soccer

After much anticipation and asking all of his buddies if they wanted to be on his soccer team, Carter finally started soccer. Where we live they only do bitty soccer at Carter's age, which is 3 weeks of soccer clinics/drills and the 4th week is a scrimage. But to Carter he had a team (the green team) and a coach (3 parent volunteers, I was one of them) so for him it was the real thing.
He took his soccer playing very seriously. He takes after his mom, he's pretty competitive.

Running his drills. For being just 3, he did a great job at listening and following directions for each of his drills.
There were a few smiles here and there.

What a kick buddy!

Carter is really into music and he has his own unique names for each of his songs that he requests on a regular basis. This song is called his Sport's Song because this is the song he requests to listen to in order to "get pumped up " for his soccer "games." He gets a little camera shy, usually he is dancing all over the place when I turn this song on, or if he is in "battle mode" he get's a serious "fighter face" on and pumps his fists.

I knew that C's first game would be a little rough and tumble, but I never dreamed it would become the wrestling match that it was at times.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Visit from the Brothers

September 17 - 26
We were lucky enough to have two of Matt's brother's along with family and girl friend come into town. First major thing on the list was of course THE LAKE!!

Carter and his cousin Dade were inseparable the entire time.

On Saturday we went to the lake and the weather quickly turned stormy so we decided to not wait it out and to just leave. It was a good thing because that night a micro burst hit above the lake and the damage was pretty extensive at one of the docks.

Luckily, Matt's parents store their boat at a different marina. Our hearts go out to those who had their boats damaged.

But nevertheless, we were back on the lake that next Monday ripping it up all day long.

Cory has his own style and finesse when it comes to tubing.

And Susan got the brunt of it. Check out Cory's knee and Susan's soon to be poor head.

Whut up home slice?

The courageous Dade still wanted to go out on the tube even after watching Cory annihilate Susan. :)

Hayden sleeps underneath one of the seats and Carter decided to give her some company.

The Brothers.


And Matteo again.

Me still trying to get some control over this ding dang board.

Me attempting once again.

Cory ripping it up on the water. This is I think one of his first times really getting on a wakeboard. He did it a couple times behind one of the sea doos, but behind a boat is much better. Anyway, Cory seemed like a natural out there.

And video of Cory:

Kurt has some major talent out on the slalom ski and makes it look so easy.

More Kurty-Pie

Meagan's not too shabby herself.

Apple Orchard
Grandma, Carter, Dade, Hayden and I decided to venture out to a local Apple Orchard. The boys picked some apples.

Then we went for a wagon ride.

As you can see, Dade is a gorgeous little boy.

We had a demonstration on bees and Carter volunteered to be the bee keeper.

I thought that white fence would make for a cool backdrop so Carter is tackling Dade to get him to pose for a picture with him. Needless to say, we didn't get a posed picture.

They had two little kittens we got to pet as well as pet and feed a miniature horse and baby goats.

Fall Festival
That next weekend was Fall Festival and Carter's preschool had a float that Carter got to ride on. See Carter's face once he saw me. Now see Carter's face when he sees cousin Dade:

It's no guess who the favorite is.

Hayden finally decided to pass out, but only after her battle with her pretzel: