Tuesday, February 26, 2013


 Here in our city we recently got a Legoland. As most of you know who read this (my maybe 2 readers) Carter is obsessed with Legos. We have wanted to take him for a while but the tickets are pretty pricey and we have heard since it is a smaller scale one it was not worth the price. 

 Well, a friend of mine who home schools told me that Legoland was having a home school week where admission was half price - that was the deal for me and since I do teach my kids at home all the time I thought I home school!! So we took advantage of the deal.

 Often Matt's surgeries on Wednesday afternoon end around 3 or so, so I went to Carter's school and surprised him by taking him out early and telling him we were going to Legoland.

 He was stoked!!
 They have two rides at our Legoland. The first one you shoot the bad guys and it keeps score of each player. Dad won each time.  Boo!! But I love to see the kids' faces and how intense they were - especially our little princess Hayden. She may be all girl, but that doesn't stop her from liking to kill a bad guy or two.

 This was the wizard ride. You go around in a circle and pedal to go up and down.

 Abigail is obsessed with Dogs!!  Or "Da" as she says it.

 They have several building stations. This was a big block station that the girls really enjoyed

This was my favorite part of Legoland. Out of Legos they built most of the really awesome buildings and structures of our city.  It was awesome!!!

 The Chiefs Stadium.

 Night time

 The Plaza
They had a girly section too where Carter built the largest ice cream ever!!

Matt even had a little Party in the USA with the Karaoke.  Rock on Matt:


Friday, February 22, 2013

Finishing up December

 Well, December has come and gone and though I have done quite a bit of posting about our comings and goings in December there were still enough pictures that warranted a free for all post. The very last day of November Matt and I threw our traditional Ugly Christmas Sweater Party where we gather a bunch of our friends all of us in some nifty outfits, some good food and some hilarious white elephant gifts. 

 Then we had our Church Christmas Party. Carter chewing on a bell.  No surprise - this kid has an oral fixation like I have never seen.

 Santa made a very surprise visit.

 Abbie looking very cute

 and playing peek-a-boo.

 Classic Abigail.

 Carter joined a basketball team with two of our neighbor boys Rocco and Blaize -they're Dad was the Coach.

 I also hosted our playgroup Christmas Party - you know because I didn't have a lot going on. :)

 Carter made a Rudolph hat.

 Hayden wanted to take a picture of Mom. I am hardly ever the one in front of the camera so I thought, why not?
 I love this girl and all of her extravagence in look and personality.

 It is tradition to have ice cream Sunday nights over at Grandma and Grandpa's.  Matt and I try to have people over for dinner on Sunday, but if we don't then we like to go over and hang out with the fam for a bit.

 Cute Elway - such a handsome little guy.

 Carter and Cousin Dade throwing back some Root Beer Floats.

 Luna is a favorite around here.  Abbie can not get enough!!!

 These pictures don't ever seem to stay in order and it is quite a pain to move them about, but this is one of the white Elephant gifts brought by our friends Jared and Natalie.  They got this pic of Matt off of facebook, super imposed that santa hat on there and put it in this pillow.  SOOOO FUNNY!!

 Luna once again.

 I tried to quiet Abbie down in the grocery store with this powdered donut. Bad idea - I ended up cleaning up powdered donut everywhere off the ground.

 We have been working on name and letter recognition with Hayden. She likes the one on one time with Mom.

 I walked into Hayden's room once to find this - Whoa!! At least the blanket was in between. Is it time for the talk?!? :)

 Abbie looking super cute in her piggies.

 Hayden is still obsessed with my shoes. It's so hard to keep my closet orderly because she is in there constantly digging through my stuff.  This day she had to wear my shoes while we waited for Carter's school bus.

 We made some sugar cookies that turned out not so great - story of my life when it comes to sugar cookies.

 A note Carter wrote one day: "I love my sistr and my babee sistr"  So sweet!! What a good boy.

 Back at the church party with Santa.

 I love this picture that I get to see on my phone everyday.

 Carter getting basketball pictures taken.

 I may have included these pokemon pictures on Carter's Birthday post - but I love how obsessive Carter gets about things.  He spent hours alphabetizing all his pokemon cards in his notebook he got for his birthday.

 Our playgroup Christmas Party.

 Abbie every morning as Carter leaves for the bus.  She loves to watch him go and to say hi to the neighbor dog Grizz who always runs by to say hello.

 Hayden had a full bed this night.

 Luna decked out for Christmas.

 The Abster lookin good!!

This is one of my favorite things that Abbie is doing - let's be honest there are so many things that I am loving about Abbie these days!!!! But I love that she folds her arms when we say our family prayers!!!