Friday, January 28, 2011

The Grove

There's an indoor play area around where we live where we go sometimes to get out of the house. It is part of an outdoor mall. So I do a little shopping and bribing - if you are good you get to play afterwards. And then the kids go play. It's good for both of them because everything is "small" and soft so Hayden can do a little climbing and Carter is still small enough that he can have fun, too. Plus, there's usually a bunch of kids there around his age that he can pal around with.

Gotta love the Jeggings!! (Jeans/Leggings combined)

Carter loves to make sure that everyone knows that Hayden is his little sister when we go to play.

Carter looks huge compared to the frog and then the Frog looks huge next to Hayden. Our own version of the Princess and the Frog.

Carter's Moves

I was taking video of Hayden earlier this month and Carter wanted some video loving as well. So he decided it was a perfect time to show off some of his "moves." I get a kick out of his facial expressions in these:

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Carter's Photography Skills on a Beautiful Day

December 30th, 2010

This was a gorgeous, beautiful day! The high temp was 68 degrees!! So you better believe we took advantage of these crazy, rare temperatures! The kids and I played out back and while Hayden napped Carter and I played out front.

Yes, Hayden has bare tootsies and for those of you that gasped at this I will just point out a few things: 1. It was 68 degrees (not nearly warm enough for my Grandma Ione to be satisfied I know). 2. She can't move around well with socks and shoes on. 3. She pulls off her socks and shoes in less than a minute of them being on.

At this point, I needed to go inside to change Hayden's diaper. During that time, Carter grabbed my camera (for the first time) turned it on and started taking pictures. I was so intrigued by the angles and perspectives of his pictures:

I thought it was impressive that he was able to get our whole house in the picture.

This is me coming out of the house, shocked that Carter had my camera and what the heck was he doing with it!

But then I thought, you know that is probably fun for a kid to take pictures so I let him keep going, after all they're just digital so I could erase when he was done and no harm done. Little did I realize that most of them were really good.

Is this really how he sees me?!?

The sea of suburbia as my friend Marie likes to put it.
Such cool perspective, right?

And with Carter behind the camera, I am actually in front of it. A rare thing.
Carter riding his Hummer, pretty much for the first time, in the front yard:

We hadn't really charged the battery, and not thinking of that I told Carter to drive it with me to the mailbox that is down the street. It died once we got to the mailbox and I had to push it all the way back home with several of the neighbors giving me a hard time along the way. All their kids have Power Wheels and had all been there before and was glad it was me and not them.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Carter's Art Work

I love to see the art work that comes home from Carter's preschool. He is naturally not an art project kind of guy so it's fun to see his preschool try to bring that out of him. BUT there is always that issue of deciding what to keep and what to throw away. I have come up with a great system that works for me that I am very happy with. I hate the guilt of throwing away his precious work, but I also know that we can't hang on to everything because then I would turn into one of those Hoarders you see on TV. So I hang up his stuff on the wall for the month/season that we are in, enjoy it, then take a picture of it to be able to go back and look at his cute stuff and then lovingly dispose of it.

This is his Christmas month. A lot of his items were ornaments that went on the tree.

and October.