Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Carter's Birthday Celebration

We had a blast celebrating Carter's two year anniversary of his arrival to our family. In fact we had so much fun that we dragged it out for three days.


The Actual Birthday

We started out Carter's Birthday by having our buddies Oliver and Heather over for chocolate chip pancakes in our pajamas. After breakfast the boys played so well together that Heather and I just let the morning slip away while we relaxed in our PJs. When lunch came around we decided to make Carter's favorite lunch Mac N Cheese and then finally around two we said bye to our friends so Carter could take his nap.

Oliver gave Carter this cool Lightening McQueen which drives on it own after shaking it.

After nap and when Daddy made it home from work we headed to McDonald's where Carter played on the play place and ate a little food. Daddy and Carter loved climbing around together.

Once we got home it was time to open presents. I took several videos so that Grandmas and Grandpas could somewhat feel like they were a part of it.

Carter loved reading this Little People book that Grandma and Grandpa Herzog gave him.


The next day we went with a few more of our buddies to the Children's Museum where Carter's favorite things to do is paint and play with the Choos.

That night we had friends over for a little Thomas Birthday Party:

The kids I watch gave Carter a basket full of adorable wooden instruments. During the party, the kids decided to put on a concert for us.

Time to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles.

What a completely different experience and picture than last year when it was time to blow out candles.
Matt was working all morning on this Saturday so I ended up taking Carter by myself to see Santa. It was hard for me to try to pump Carter up and be photographer at the same time so this is the best we got. His face really says it all as far as his feelings go towards Santa. He didn't cry, but he wasn't too stoked about Santa either. It was a great idea for them to give Santa such a big chair so that little kids don't have to sit on the Big Man's lap because I am pretty sure that wouldn't have happened.

After nap time Matt, Carter, and I headed downtown for some great Saturday celebrations Pittsburgh does during December. Those of you who know Carter know that he LOVES buses. So we got to ride a free Trolley bus that takes you to all the big Holiday stops downtown. They had a Santa Elf on our trolley too who was our tour guide. It was very enjoyable, but the best part was Carter's HUGE perma-grin and hearing him say Trolley Bus over and over almost to remind himself that this was actually happening. The only sad thing is that I forgot my camera so I couldn't get any pictures or videos of this. We stopped and saw a display of Gingerbread houses that were not your average gingerbread houses. Then later on that night we got to go on a free horse and carriage ride around downtown. Carter thought that was pretty cool, but after experiencing the Trolley Bus nothing else could compete with that.
But most of all, we want to wish Carter Happy Happy Birthday. We love you Buddy!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Two Years Ago Today...

A MIRACLE came into mine and Matt's lives and we were changed forever. We love our little Carter Matthew with all our hearts and can't express how grateful we are to our Heavenly Father for sending us our little fireball. Mommy and Daddy love you so much Carter Boy.

Matt's face says it all in this picture!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

November Catch Up

Well, as usual for me I have gotten behind in my blogging and once again am just throwing a whole bunch of posts into one. I thought we would start off with Carter looking pretty dapper.

There are a few of those every day experiences that I always want to remember. One of those are lunch time. Carter has these classic meal time looks and faces. He didn't do any of them on this video, but he did some of his usual routines. Lunch usually consists of Carter eating/playing/singing/talking and me sitting there watching and laughing.

The BYU Utah Game

Anyone who is familiar with my husband knows that this game is one of the most important days of the year. So to celebrate it we decided to invite some friends over to watch the game, even some Ute fans (and yes we do consider them friends...how charitable I know). At one point we had 21 adults and children all packed into our little family room.

While the game was going on in the next room, Carter and his little buddy Katie decided to play a game of there own: How many toys can we pile on Carter? As you can see in the pictures below they thought it was HYSTERICAL!

Woo Woo
Carter has been enjoying trying on mine and Daddy's shoes lately. Those legs are lookin good buddy.

Carter is also singing all the time now: while riding in the car, eating, playing, sometimes in his bed.... But here is a little sampling of his own rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle. Usually he likes to stick to the original tune, but sometimes he does enjoy taking some creative liberties.

Mustache's Need Love and Appreciation Week (MNLAW)
Matt's brother Cory while attending Minnesota Law School became the founder of Mustache's Need Love and Appreciation Week and now every week of Thanksgiving the brothers, cousins, and friends all grow Staches and post pictures and laugh until they cry or wet their pants. I would not be surprised if it is not a phenomenon that will soon hit your hometown as it is growing fast and furious. After several of these boys (and some women) sport their staches several other guys rush to join. These are a few pictures that Matt took of his ever changing moustache:

Thanksgiving was so nice this year. We had our friends Heather, Jake, and Oliver over. It was so fitting having them here since they are our family in Pittsburgh. The food was DELICIOUS if I may say so myself!! And we had plenty to be thankful for this year.

I am horrible with gravy so this is Heather trying to teach me how. Heather did a great job and I think I might be able to do it successfully on my own next time.

Pittsburgh's Christmas Parade
The Saturday after Thanksgiving Pittsburgh does their very own Macy's parade, but this one is for Christmas and it brings the big man himself Santa into town.

Since Pittsburgh is the home of the late Fred Rogers and Mister Rogers Neighborhood it is only fitting that Mr. McFeely is part of our parade.
We were freezing our tail ends off!
In the end we decided waiting for Santa was not worth it and left early. BRRR, it was cold!
Carter being the Man of the House *The following is from December:

"The Baby Man"

"A Monster"
Carter's favorite show right now is "Little Bear." On a couple episodes there are different character's pretending to be a monster and so now one of Carter's favorite activities is to pretend to be a monster.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Riley's Farm

October 2008

Even though Carter and I had already gone to a Pumpkin Patch this year, we wanted to go again here in PA with Dad and some friends. This farm was HUGE and really fun. They had so many activities you had to pick and choose because there was too much to do it all.

On the tractor ride to go up to the pumpkin patch.

Ooh, I like these ones Mommy.

I absolutely love the relationship between these two.

One of the tractors coming up to the pumpkin patch.

Double Trouble (C & Ol)

Buddies running away from getting their picture taken.
(Linus, Oliver, and Carter)


You always have to try to get the family photo op while at a pumpkin patch.

Linus gets very embarrassed getting his picture taken as you can see.

Best Buddies!

Back on the tractor ride having a good time as we head to the activity section.

But first we have to weigh our pumpkins. Matt took a guess to how much they would weigh and he got it dead on. What a talented guy.

This farm had the biggest, craziest petting zoo I have ever been to. These animals were crazy and kept jumping up on me trying to eat my camera or parts of my bag. Carter enjoyed running around with the animals, but I thought the picture above was pretty humorous.

"Back it up Sheep!"

The boys even got to milk a "cow."