Thursday, February 23, 2012

Happy Valentine's 2012

This dress Hayden got for Christmas, but it looked like a perfect one for Valentine's Day as well (the Sunday before Valentine's). Whenever she wears this dress, she takes my breath away!

Matt all day couldn't stop telling Hayden how beautiful she looked. In fact, when we walked into church - we always have to meet Matt at church since he is at meetings all morning - he got all teary eyed because she looked so beatufiul.

Abbie's Christmas/ Valentine's dress. Actually, a friend gave it to us as a baby gift. It's beauitful!

The attempted kid picture.

Abbie on Valentine's Day. My sister-in-law Jen gave Abbie this adorable dress/top. She looked so cute in it!

Her smiles get me all teary-eyed - everytime!! She has just started to laugh as well. These are the precious moments of life!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Whitney's Wedding Shower

Call me crazy, I did a couple times, or call me a busy body but in the midst of giving birth to a baby, celebrating the birth of my two older children and Chirstmas I also threw my beautiful Sister-in-law a wedding shower.

I am not a creative type. I am not a make things look pretty type. I am a practical type A personality who does like things to be organized - though you can't always tell that by the state of my house. So I spent a lot of time on how I could make this Wedding Shower Brunch on New Years Eve run smoothly and still look nice - not so plain jane which is my normal route (my practical part coming out). My sweet friend Heidi threw me an incredibly beautiful baby shower and though I knew I could never do anything on that level I wanted to try my best.

Because of our high guest count, we could not do this at someone's house so we had it in a church gym. We sent out around 100 invites and had 55+ people in attendance.

I am so disappointed I didn't get a total finished look with the water pitchers which had lemon and limes in them, but this is how our tables turned out. I wanted a very fresh and organic look. Since it was in the morning I wanted a bright, happy look. I was pretty pleased at how it turned out and was impressed with myself - this was totally out of my comfort zone and my natural abilities.

Centerpiece for food table.

Our food: french toast bake, sausage soufle, muffins, fresh fruit with dip.

The lovebirds!

Our guests.

I absolutely adore both Whitney and Ryan. They had to wait a long time for all of this to come about. Whitney waited for Ryan while he served his two year mission. They had a lot of people doubt them and a lot of negativity about their relationship, but I always hoped that Whitney would make it through. I could tell from the first time that I met Ryan (he drove 2 hrs to go to a Pumpkin Patch with Bonnie, Carter and I and Whit wasn't even there) that he was a GOOD GOOD guy and would make a great partner and father someday. Plus, he is one cute fella. So even though the timing wasn't ideal, I was so glad that I was able to give them this gift, which they were so sweet and appreciative of, and that I was able to help celebrate that they made it and will make it for the rest of eternity!

Friday, February 3, 2012

December Catch-Up

Abbie looking so precious at about 2 weeks.

This was our first night out. Matt had a surgery center Holiday party he needed to go to, so we thought we'd tag along. It was at a restaurant I really wanted to check out. It was great to get out and Abbie slept the entire time in her car seat. She is two weeks in this picture.

A medical supply rep that Matt works with and friends with gave Abbie this beautiful dress that she looks so cute in!!

I know I blogged about my parents coming out, but I don't think this picture was included in that post.

Love that hand on her cheek.

I remember Hayden having a picture very similar to this. She was in the swing and Carter put cars all around her. Wouldn't want the baby to get bored, now would we!

Who doesn't just melt at the site of a kid in a cowboy hat?!?

This should have gone in my November post, but here is Carter's November artwork. Great job, C Man.

Santa's little helper.

Both kids got a picture to paint in their stocking. Hayden decided not only to paint her picture, but herself as well.

It's a blurry picture, but you get the idea.

November 2011 catch-up

With the start of a new year I am feeling a big need to get caught up on at least last years blogging. Really I need to get caught up all together for the sake of my journaling. So here goes what got left behind in November! November was a busy month. I was on bed rest. Off of bed rest trying to crazily get things done to be ready for the baby. And then Abigail was born!

Hayden loves to push her babies around in this $1 grocery cart I found at a garage sale. GREAT BUY!! She pushes it around with her purse and her keys and anyone she passes on her way she yells, "Night, Night. Bye, Bye." And you MUST answer her back or else she will get very upset.

Below are some videos of her playing:

My DEAR, SWEET friend Heidi threw me the most spectacular baby shower with the theme being Colonial for Abigail Adams. Her house is so gorgeous!!

Her display she did of me.

Carter loves to play with his chunky cousin Elway.

Abigail just "home" from the hospital. We actually went straight to my in-laws since it was Thanksgiving. Grandma Bonnie is holding her. Note to anyone who may be reading. When you are released from the hospital after having a baby, just go home, no matter how good you think you may be feeling. Just go home!!! And tell your husband that you just had a baby and HE needs to take care of the other kids!!

Abbie with her Thanksgiving bow right before we left the hospital. She looks so peaceful!

Carter and his dragon Legos. He is obsessed with his IPAD game Dragonvale and while at Grandma's for Thanksgiving he created just about every dragon with legos.

Thanksgiving Dinner. Matt sporting his handle bars for Mustaches Need Love and Appreciation Week.

The kids cuddled together to watch a movie in Grandma's room.

Abbie about to have her first bath at home.