Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wedding Bells were Ringing in DC

This last weekend Matt, Carter and I headed to DC for Todd's (Matt's little brother) wedding. We had a lot of fun. Thursday I toured the mall with Carter and Matt's family. We had fun but it was a lot of work at the same time. It was awesome to be able to spend time with family. Matt got into DC Thursday night. The "rehearsal dinner" happened Friday night. Todd and Sarah were sealed in the DC temple Saturday morning then after pictures we all rushed up to Philidelphia where Sarah is from for a luxorious reception. Overall it was great fun, even though we all were going off of as little sleep as possible. Below is the adorable newly wed couple right as they came out of the temple. Congratulations Todd and Sarah!!


Lacy said...

Carter looks awesome in his tux.

Little Todd is married. Crazy. Made me think of the blood test incident.


Heitmann Family said...

It was fun to see Matt's family. What a good looking bunch. Carter is so handsome in his tux. Weddings are always fast a furious but lot of fun too. Glad to see some new pics too.

Bella said...

Man everyone is getting married! You guys look great and they sure do work fast. When we visited you in Kansas, Matt's brother wasn't even engaged yet! Hope all your home problems worked themselves out! Mine have begun! hahah

Becky Thalgott said...

Gosh, you Nielsens all look like a million bucks in that picture. And HELLO, Carter, don't you realize it's not polite to look better than the groom on his wedding day? OK, that's totally cute! Love the pics!