Sunday, November 30, 2008

Riley's Farm

October 2008

Even though Carter and I had already gone to a Pumpkin Patch this year, we wanted to go again here in PA with Dad and some friends. This farm was HUGE and really fun. They had so many activities you had to pick and choose because there was too much to do it all.

On the tractor ride to go up to the pumpkin patch.

Ooh, I like these ones Mommy.

I absolutely love the relationship between these two.

One of the tractors coming up to the pumpkin patch.

Double Trouble (C & Ol)

Buddies running away from getting their picture taken.
(Linus, Oliver, and Carter)


You always have to try to get the family photo op while at a pumpkin patch.

Linus gets very embarrassed getting his picture taken as you can see.

Best Buddies!

Back on the tractor ride having a good time as we head to the activity section.

But first we have to weigh our pumpkins. Matt took a guess to how much they would weigh and he got it dead on. What a talented guy.

This farm had the biggest, craziest petting zoo I have ever been to. These animals were crazy and kept jumping up on me trying to eat my camera or parts of my bag. Carter enjoyed running around with the animals, but I thought the picture above was pretty humorous.

"Back it up Sheep!"

The boys even got to milk a "cow."





Trevor & Lindsey said...

It looks like you guys are having so much fun! I love love love the video when carter is chasing the duck! So CUTE!

Mark, Holly and Boys said...

Looks like fun & you got SO many cute pictures!! Thanks for sharing. Carter's little baaaa is super cute too! Are you coming to UT for Christmas? If so, we should get together - Carter & Noah would have fun together. And, seeing you & Matt would be ok too :) ha!

mm said...

That last picture of you, Amber? I smell a facebook profile pic.

Whit said...

Carter's outfit looks hawt...nice work mom. You two look good as well :)

pat and anna said...

Aren't pumpkin patches fun...but I don't think that was a real cow they were milking!