Friday, April 11, 2008

Matty Matt's Birthday

Yesterday, April 10th, was my wonderful husband's birthday. He turned 29. In celebration I cooked one of his favorite meals for dinner, Broiled Chicken Thighs, and then surprised him with tickets to the Pirates game versus the Cubbies. PNC Park is his absolute favorite baseball park. It is a very beautiful park that looks out into the one of the rivers and the city.

Then it came time for presents. Matt's mom and dad got him a BYU blanket and basketball shorts. Matt loved them!! Hence the blurred picture because he was so excited and the video is a MUST SEE!

Carter and I also got Matt this BYU scrub hat.

I think it is safe to say that Matt is BYU obsessed! Every birthday and Christmas all he asks for is more BYU stuff.

In addition to having a love for BYU Matt also has a LOVE for his family. He can't get enough time with his mini-me Carter. It is so fun to watch those two play and wrestle. Matt puts Carter to bed every night not just to help with parenting responsiblilities but mostly because he enjoys it so much. He treasures every minute he has with Carter. Matt also is sweet and gentle with me. He makes sure everyday to tell me he's attracted to me and tries to thank me for all that I do. He encourages me to get out with the girls and never complains about staying behind with Carter. Matt works crazy hours at the hospital and it is very rare for him to complain. Matt is a very optimistic, make the best out of every situation type of person. He has the most amazing talent with people and is very strong in his beliefs. Carter and I are truly blessed to have him be our husband and father. Thanks babe for all you do and for being you!! LOVE YOU!!


Becky T said...

Yo yo, Matty Matt! Happy Birthday. Enjoy your last year in the 20's. Looks like you have one swell wife to do all of that for you. :) We miss you and wish we could have done a little Cool Basil to celebrate your big day. Hope you had a great one!!

Becky T said...

Oh I mean to say Cool Basil AND Settlin' to could I omit that? Geez!

Karin said...

Happy birthday, Matt!!! That video is seriously the best. I LOVE the reaction to the BYU gear.

Heitmann Family said...

Happy Birthday Matt!!

nicole said...

Hey Matt, not to make you jealous or anything but Jeff and I and the girls went to the BYU scrimage today. I have to admitt there is somein' about BYU that just makes you bleed blue. I love the video! Thanks for making me and Jeff laugh!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Andrea's twin:) Oh and that is a sweet stadium! I think me and Jeff need to come out and go to a game.