Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Husband Tag

Well, I suppose it is about time I get around to this tag from a few weeks ago. I've really enjoyed reading everybody else's so I thought I should actually do this one.

1. What is his name? Matthew Dean Nielsen

2. How long have you been married? In about a month (June 25) well will have been married 6 years.

3. How long did you date? We found out each other existed on January 6, we were engaged March 1, and married June 25. So about six months start to finish. Gotta love BYU romance.

4. Who eats more? Have you seen my husband eat? That is one thing I have always loved about him is his appetite. I take after my mom in that way, we love a good eater.

5. Who said I love you first? This is a tricky one. It was two weeks after we started dating Matt had already brought up marriage and then we were on my doorstep and I was saying something about since we've already talked marriage we should probably say... and then Matt blurted out "I love you." It was really romantic, not really.

6. Who sings better? Matt wins this one hands down. He has a beautiful singing voice.

7. Who is taller? Matt by about six inches.

8. Whose temper is worse? Definitely mine!! But when Matt blows on rare occasion, watch out!!

9. Who does the laundry? Last time Matt did laundry my whites turned brown.

10. Who does the dishes? Me, it's therapeutic because I actually get something accomplished.

11. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Matt does, but every house is a different story.

12. Who does the cooking? I do, unless it is being cooked on the grill, then it's him.

13. Who is more stubborn? Me for the most part, but we both have our areas.

14. Who proposed? He did.

15. Who is most likely to admit that they are wrong? Matt, but I think there is a reason behind that, he is most likely wrong. :)

16. Whose parents do you see the most? Probably Matt's, but they come to visit more often.

17. Who pays the bills? He makes the money, I do the bill paying.

18. Who wears the pants? I'm not sure so I'll just go with Matt on this one.

19. Why do you love your husband? Loaded question. The reason I married him in the first place is because he is a GOOD man. He is good in the gospel, good at loving me, good with our son Carter, good at working hard, good at having fun, good at keeping up with my brothers, good at loving and appreciating my parents, good and respectful to his parents, all around a GOOD man.

20. Who are three people you are going to tag? Jen, Holly, and Kira


Becky T said...

I love your answer to #15!! Ain't that the truth?? And I dare say I haven't met too many people who can put down the amount of food that Matt Nielsen can. Definitely a talent! And gosh, we just love Matty Matt too. He's a pretty swell guy!

Lowdogg said...

Also a GOOD friend.

Mark, Holly & Boys said...

I had to laugh at #15! :) Yikes, I've been tagged...I promise to get to that...

Dan & Jen said...

Cute tag Amber. Matt is a good guy. We love having him in the family. And he does do a good job keeping up with/leading the Herzog boys.

I'm glad that Matt's family come out to visit you guys often. Love you guys.

mamazog said...

Number 19 made me cry. How grateful I am for the good man that Matt is and for the passionate father, husband and the friend he is to all. It doesn't surprise me that Amber recognized that he was a good man and then fell in love with him because he was a good man. They are a "good" couple. Amber is pretty good stuff herself. Love all you Pittsburgh Nielsens.