Monday, September 8, 2008

Idlewild Theme Park

A few weeks ago, a friend got Carter and I super discounted tickets to a theme park about an hour away that's called Idlewild. It is basically a theme park for kids. Though there are a few adult rides that are really mellow, it is mostly filled with kids rides and a water park. I thought I had forgotten my camera but found it half way through the day after the water park and beginning rides (including Mr. Rogers Neighborhood). I was not expecting at all the emotions that came with this day. We joyfully all piled into line for the boys to ride the first ride and I had a stabbing pain go through my heart when Carter ran away from me and into the ride without looking back. It chokes me up just writing about it. It's not that I want him dependent on me, but wow my baby is growing up!!

He can even ride a motorcycle.

The three buddies: Oliver in back and C and Linus in front.

They even had a little miniature Ferris wheel. (Oliver and Carter)

Puff and Carter: "Cheese"

Don't make fun, pink flames are super cool and manly. Real men wear and drive around in pink. Plus check out what a good driver he is.

Choo, Choo heaven. Our Engineer for our train ride saw the fascination Carter had for trains and let him sit on the front for a photo op. Poor mom couldn't get a good photo. Besides we were having a very fun yet no nap day hence the dazed look.

Our Best Back Door Buddies!!

Some more of our Best Buddies. Linus is trying his darnedest not to smile, but I think Maire is going to win.
Thanks to our wonderful friends, for not only saving our day on this particular day but for every other day that we spend here in Pittsburgh.


Mark, Holly and Boys said...

I think that I can relate to those emotions that you're talking about...that whole independence thing is so bitter sweet, huh? A good reminder for us to enjoy each "stage". Carter is such a cutie though, and it looks like you guys had such a fun day!

Becky T said...

Oh, the pictures of these boys are darling! They look so big, though, and I know what you mean with how bittersweet that is. It's hard and fun all at the same time to watch them grow up. But at least Carter is so stinking cute, that certainly makes it all better, right?!

Whit said...

Carter is changing everyday! Oh. my. gosh! What a boy! What a big boy it sounds like!! You're lookin smokin' too Ambam!