Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kansas City Trip

August 1-9, 2009
The first week of August Carter and I flew out to August and Matt joined us later on so that he could finalize his contract with a group of doctors out in Kansas City, Mo. So it is official in June 2010 we will officially be Kansas Citians. We are pretty excited for it and just want that time to be here NOW! I will not shed a single tear over being done with residency. So on to the trip:

Here Carter is playing in the fountains at Crown Center with his Aunt Whitney whom he loves dearly!!

Whitney is great at playing and wrestling with Carter.

Here Carter is getting artistic with Grandma Bon at Kaleidoscope which is a Hallmark place where kids go for free and color and paint and create like crazy.

This is Carter's necklace that he painted all on his own.

The C-Man always enjoys a vanilla "white" ice cream cone.

We tried out having Carter sleep in a "big boy bed" while sleeping at Grandma's house. He had the choice between the "little bed" aka the pack and play or the "big boy bed." I was surprised that most nights he chose the "little bed," but I thought he looked adorable in the big bed.

Grandma Bon pulled out Matt's old hoppity horse that Matt had at Carter's age and Carter loved it. Things were definitely made better back then because the air in that thing is original to Matt's day.

My Dad, Mom, little brother Timmy and little sister Nicki drove through KC while we were out there on their way to dropping Timmy off in Arkansas to play soccer at Central Arkansas University. We hit a bunch of church sites, here we are at Liberty Jail, a BBQ joint and hanging out on the Nielsen's back porch roasting some mellows.

Carter looks up to both of his Grandpas very much, so he wanted to spend some time walking in Grandpa Jay's shoes.


Alison said...

Amen to not crying when residency is over! I'll be sing Hallelujah louder than the angels of heaven. Congrats on the contract!!

Amanda Wilson said...

Congrats on the job in KC. That is really exciting to know you have a great job after residency and by family. Carter of course is adorable.

Stefanie said...

Looks like a fun trip. How is the pregnancy going?

Stefanie L

adrienne said...

Amber congrats on the baby girl announcemnt and the job! We are so excited for you! I love looking at your blog and seeing what you are up to. We sure love watching your little guy. Come down for a temple trip anytime! Hang in there!

Anna-Lisa said...

Congrats to having a job and future plans in Kansas City! Isn't it so nice to know what you are going to be doing? your pics are cute - I totally remember going to that Hallmark place when we were driving from Alabama to Utah - I LOVED it! There was this machine and if you pushed the button, it made mini gift bows. Me and Joseph probably make 25 of them before my dad pulled us out.

Iowa Newmans said...

Can't wait to have you three hours away! Do I feel a couple of marathons in KC coming up???