Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Easter!! 2010

For some reason our family likes spending Christian Holidays in an ICU of some sort. Christmas was in the NICU and Easter we were in the PICU. But no matter where we were at we still had a good holiday.

In fact, while in the hospital we found the Easter Bunny (please excuse the sideways pic, Matt didn't understand he couldn't hold the camera that way):

Carter got to do 3 egg hunts so he wasn't feeling too bummed about anything. He did our church hunt on Saturday, he did a hunt with me Sunday morning before we went into the hospital and then a hunt with some sweet friends of ours later that day.

Growing up, it was traditional in my family that the girls got Easter dresses so I was set on getting Hayden an Easter dress. But those stores know how to suck you in so of course we had to get Carter the matching sweater vest.

I love this picture because they you can see how much they look like siblings, right down the same facial expression.

So yes, I am the totally lame one that brought a camera to church so that we could get a family picture of us. Hayden was only staying through sacrament and I knew by the time Carter and I got home Matt and Hayden would be changed so it was now or never. Make fun all you want, but dang it I wanted the memory in hard copy form!


my little secret for you said...

aaaw so cute children :)

Lowdogg said...

What's wrong with bringing a camera to Church?

Great photos!

James & Stephie Lynne Purcell said...

Oh my GOODNESS your kids are cute. I love the matching outfits- lucky you for getting such great pictures of them!

Sarah Keith said...

Those Easter outfits are 100% adorable! What beautiful children you have Amber! Love you!

Whit said...

STOP!!! I'm going crazy! I can't wait to see you guys!! Love ya!

Eric + Sariah said...

Hey Matt and Amber - I just found your blog form Joe's blog and Kira's blog. I justed wanted to let you know I appreciated your blog as I my wife and I are about to have three little girls in the Nicu.(We are having triplets and will probably have them in the next week or so even though my wife is only 30 weeks along). I went your December posts and enjoyed the pictures and it gave me encourgement that things can turn out okay.

Dan and Jen said...

You guys look stellar! I {heart} Children's Place (and Crazy 8's) specifically for Easter/ Christmas matchy-matchy outfits! And yes, that is TOTALLY how they suck us in. I love Carter and Hayden's outfits. They look awesome. (We wanted that same sweater vest for Sawyer but all the CP's were sold out - how funny). Carter is totally rockin' that vest and Hayden is completely beautiful!

Our entire video footage of Dan giving Syd her first bath in the hospital was filmed using that same side-shot angle. Nice.

Love you guys!

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

GREAT pictures!!! I take cameras to church too :-)