Friday, May 21, 2010

Camera Blues

My camera is currently out of commission and I have been lamenting that I don't have any current pictures of my baby girl who is growing up so fast. I also am lamenting how fast money is being thrown in so many directions with the "trying" to sell our home and the purchase of a new home so I don't feel like I can really go out and buy another camera right now.

So I was overjoyed when Bonnie (my mother-in-law) posted these pictures on facebook. Ahhhh, I love staring at my baby girl.

There's those beautiful blue-eyes again.

Also, she just went to the heart doctor yesterday for a follow up visit from the NICU. The gap in her heart has closed and her heart looks totally normal and healthy. She also weighed in at 14lbs. 6oz (she will be 5 months tomorrow!!!)
This video is over a month old. It is when Hayden first started laughing. Now she's laughing these gut wrenching laughs. It is SOOOO fun!! But since I don't have a working camera, this old video will have to do.


mm said...

Dude. I will come snap a bunch with my camera to tide you over until you get back in the groove. Can't lose time with that munchkin growing like she is!

Whit said...

What? Since when did Hayden have a heart problem?!

Jess said...

Om my goodness! I LOVE that first picture! She is so adorable! We need to get together before you leave!

Jess said...
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Becky T said...

So cute! And shucks about the camera, that stinks! And I had no idea Hayden had a heart problem...what's the deal with that? I'm glad she is happy, healthy, and well!

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