Friday, September 3, 2010

June 2010 Recap

In June we:

Bought new furniture at Nebraska Furniture Mart.

This "chase lounge" with ottoman is the ulitmate in comfort and massiveness. Man, do we love to lounge on it! The funny thing about this pic (taken at Neb Furn Mart) is that our paint color (previous owner's paint choice) is the exact same color. WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT IT? I go back and forth on being okay with it for a while to we must paint NOW! I would really like to hold off a bit, but I am just not feeling like the house is totally ours yet and I think it is because I am not in love with the paint or carpet.

Our chair to go with it. It is not the ultimate in comfort, but I think it's a great lookin chair.
We showed off our chub u lubs:

We showed off Aunt Jen's adorable dress and shoes she gave Hayden:

Had to get a close up of her shoes and her thighs that I love.

We kept working on our eating skills:

Played with Grandpa and Grandma a lot:

Carter piled blankets all around him and Hayden and called it a club:
Saw the whole arch of an amazing rainbow:

Got dressed up all the time in our swimsuits:

Wasn't always a fan of the swimsuit.

Carter on the other hand was always a fan of the swim suit.

We went boating a lot:
It's amazing to me how much younger Hayden looks in this picture taken just a couple months ago.

We grew big enough to start peeking over things:

We moved into our house and had Daddy ended his time in Pittsburgh to come be with us:

We re-did Hayden's room:
And when I say "we" I mean a lot of Bonnie, a bunch of Matt and a little bit of me. Grandpa even got involved in some of the babysitting action.

"We" painted walls, trim, and bead board. It was a much bigger job than any of us thought it would be. I am still finishing some of the decor and will show the finished product when it is done.


Leah Miller said...

I still miss Nebraska Furniture Mart. Ryan and I used to go and wander around that store just for fun. Every time we go furniture shopping we wish we had one in Utah.

Whit said...

Man what a great summer it was! I miss you guys! I'm getting misty eyed just looking at these pictures!

Dan and Jen said...

I like the new blog look. And I'm excited to see Hayden's room when it's finished. We did bead-board in our house and it's kind of a pain. But I love it.

Hayden is getting so big and looks adorable in that outfit. Thanks for posting pics so we can see. Love you guys. I'm glad you are getting settled.

PS: We find out tomorrow what the babe is....