Monday, January 10, 2011

Carter's Art Work

I love to see the art work that comes home from Carter's preschool. He is naturally not an art project kind of guy so it's fun to see his preschool try to bring that out of him. BUT there is always that issue of deciding what to keep and what to throw away. I have come up with a great system that works for me that I am very happy with. I hate the guilt of throwing away his precious work, but I also know that we can't hang on to everything because then I would turn into one of those Hoarders you see on TV. So I hang up his stuff on the wall for the month/season that we are in, enjoy it, then take a picture of it to be able to go back and look at his cute stuff and then lovingly dispose of it.

This is his Christmas month. A lot of his items were ornaments that went on the tree.

and October.


Dan and Jen said...

That is what we've done with Sydney's school work. I keep some things that seem a little more sentimental. But other than than, we have a bunch of pictures of her school work. I'm actually making one of those photo books just for her school work, other art work or writing projects. It definitely saves on space.

Whit said...

Hey that's a good idea! haha it's fun to see what Carter can do if he's pushed a little bit.

McAffee said...

You're a GENIUS! I have a pile that I need to attack with the camera ASAP.
Miss you...