Thursday, July 21, 2011

Martin's Cove

At the end of June, the kids, Matt and I went on a 10 day trip to visit my family. My family planned to all meet at Martin's Cove in WY on our way to Salt Lake City, UT. Martin's Cove is a place where Mormon Pioneer's who pulled hand carts across the country ended up facing lots of trials and hardship due to an early bitter, winter storm. While there you can feel of their enduring and faith filled spirits. It was such a great experience to hear their stories and learn from their powerful actions.

Carter and cousin pulling a kid sized hand cart.

Sarah Ann and Samuel Haigh are two of Matt's ancestors that were part of the Martin Handcart Company.

While there, my whole family went on a 6 mile handcart trek to get a very small feel of what these pioneers did.

Hayden was in the baby backpack almost the whole time on Matt's back. While there, we read about a mother whose children and husband were so ill they had to ride in the handcart with the rest of their stuff and the mother had to hold her new born child in her arms while pulling her FULL handcart. My heart ached as I thought about what she must have endured. I kept thinking, if only they had simple things like the baby wraps and backpacks that we have these days.

Here's our crew. We had 13 grand kids and my 80+ yr old Grandmother with us, two pregnant mothers, and one mother who had given birth a few months before. Everyone made this whole trek except for Grandma and one grandchild (though they both did a good part of it). The rest of the group hiked the whole 6 miles and I never heard one complaint from the rest of the kids. I was so impressed. complaint unless it was Carter when we tried to get him in our family photo with us.

The Salt Water River was really high so many of my family members were disappointed that they couldn't cross with their handcarts, but they let those that wanted to cross over some river overflow.

Hayden decided she wanted a turn in the handcart towards the end.

My cute "baby" sister, Nicole, who is about to be a senior in high school.

It's tradition in my family when we go camping that we play a game of baseball. One of the many things I love about my family is how we all love to play together - all ages.

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nicole said...

That is so crazy you were at martin's cove!! What day?? We went as a ward on July 27-30. It was so amazing!! Love looking at your blog. Miss you guys! adorable family!