Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter 2013

Abbie got her hair curled for the first time yesterday and I thought she looked absolutely no doubt about it ADORABLE!!!
 What an eggcellent Easter Weekend it's been!! We have had a blast the whole weekend long. We started Friday afternoon at Penguin Park since Daddy got off a little early.
This is Dade's "Handsome face" and rightly named as well.
 Then yesterday we had our Saturday morning traditional Grandpa Jay and Grandma Bonnie egg hunt followed by breakfast. 

 I LOVE family traditions and am so glad that we have some fun ones strengthening in this "newer" phase of grandkids and with us living by each other.
 Hayden continues to have her own very unique and endearing sense of style. This particular weekend she was all about wearing her sunglasses constantly.


 Grandma was Abbie's big helper.

 Dade's Dragon face. Lookin good!!

 This morning - Sunday - we did our immediate family Easter Egg Hunt. Abbie in her Christmas Jammies is ready to go!!!

 The kids went for the big loot first. I told the kids this year the Easter Bunny didn't designate which egg/ candy/ present went to which child, but instead told me that it is all to share.  
 On the hunt!!

 Here they were huddled around and making sure that they were gathering the equal amount of eggs. Carter on his own took eggs out of his basket to give to his sisters because he wanted to make sure they had as many as he did.  So sweet!!

 The Loot!

 I desperately tried to snap some pictures of the kids before we had to rush off for church.  Matt was in trying to get the rest of our church prep done so I was battling the kids to get together on my own. It's pretty tough getting three kids to gather together nicely and pose with smiles for a picture. So here are some of my attempts. 
 Matt picked out the girls' Easter dresses this year and they looked very cute!! They both got their hair curled again this morning. My finger tips are feeling pretty fried.

 Big Boy handsome Carter.

 Yay!!! They are all sitting still.  I was just trying to snap a picture so fast that I wasn't able to perfectly frame it in. Oh well, trial and error. I am just so happy to have a nicer camera that I can learn with!

 Now that church is over it is time to start devouring the chocolate!!
Carter from our egg hunt this morning. 

We are so grateful to celebrate this day that gives us all our other days to celebrate. If it were not for our Savior and His sacrifice we would be nothing. We would have no life to live. He is all and gives us all. 


Patrick Rich said...

Those are the cutest easter dresses ever! Good job Matt!

Amber - I can't believe you curled Abbie's hair. It's all I can do to get a part in Amelia's hair. She's such a little wiggler. It looks so dang cute. Good job.

You guys have darling kids. I love the picture of the three of them on the front porch.

Bella said...

Your kids are getting so big and SO STINKING CUTE!!! LOVE IT! Hope you guys are doing well.