Friday, July 6, 2007

Carter's 6 Month Appointment

Today was Carter's 6 month appt. I know we are a little late (he was 6 months on June 18) but we have just gotten insured with Matt's work. It is official, Carter is a little Chunker. His weight is 20 lbs 4 oz (90%) his height 27 1/2 inches (85%) and his head is 45 cm (80%). The doctor says he looks great and his breathing is back to normal. He took his shots pretty well. He cried when he got them, but by the time the nurse was putting on band-aids he was settling down and then when I picked him up he completely stopped crying. I was proud of myself too, because I did not cry. We love our pediatrician, Dr. Butler, he is just about as good as our Utah doctor that we adored, Dr. Memmott.

I can tell that it has been a big adjustment for Carter to just be with me all day long. Whenever we get around other people he is so much happier. For instance, I went with my friend Emily and her three energetic kids to the park the other day and Carter just sat there in his car seat watching her two older boys and laughing. He absolutely loves to be around people. He is getting very close to sitting up on his own. He can tetter totter for about 30 seconds on his own then usually falls forward into a face plant. His biggest issue is he is always wanting to examine everything around him so he can't sit up long enough to practice before he jolts forward to grab at something. A big feat for all of us is that he is now sleeping through the night. A week or so ago we decided to do the cry it out thing and after two nights it did the trick. The last couple nights he has been sleeping close to 11 hours. Awwww!

Last night was Matt's first call night, which means he is on call all night and has to stay at the hospital. I was really nervous for the first one. I didn't know how safe I would feel and if I would be able to handle Carter all by my self all day and night. But we did great. I felt just fine and though I would have loved Matt's help and company in the evening, we got through it just fine. I haven' heard from Matt yet today to see how his night went, but if nothing else I know he will be home tonight. But then he is off again early morning tomorrow (Saturday) to take call all day and night.

But overall, the three of us are settling in just fine here in Pittsburgh and are excited to get to know the town a little better. I am already planning hiking trips and a trip to Gettysburg, anyone is welcome. :)


becky thalgott said...

Holy smokes, what a little hunk you have! I can't believe he is that big. It took him some time, but he's definitely caught up now!! I guess you guys will have to start thinking about a new carseat soon, huh?! Glad you guys are all doing well! We miss you!!!

Heitmann Family said...

Just prepare yourself. Ayden was the same way when he was a baby and now he is just about eating us out of house and home. Ryan and I can't imagine what he is going to be like when he is 16. Carter is so handsome. Boys really are fun!!