Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Our Home

Here is our home in Pittsburgh. Who would have ever thought this little girl from Sandy, UT would end up in Pennsylvania? (I thought the same thing when we lived in Des Moines, IA) But as I sit here listening to the song "Feels like Home" by Chantel Kreviazuk with tears in my eyes I want to tell my husband that even though he has dragged me all over the country no matter where we go as long as I have him and now our little Carter any place we go feels like home, even Pittsburgh, PA! Thanks sweetheart for your love!


M & S Eagar said...

Hey Amber-

We're practically neighbors. We enjoy going to Pittsburgh to the Childrens Museum and IKEA. We'll have to look you up next time we come. Anyway, I was so excited to see your blog. I've added you as a link to ours.


Jeff and Alison said...

Hey Guys!

Thanks for visitng our site! It was so fun to see your new house and the CUTE family picture! I added you, too. You will LOVE blogging. You feel so connected to family and friends. Is it hot there? We are roasting in Utah!

PS: We can't wait to move this Saturday!!!!!!! (We stayed in Provo because it was too gross)

Bella said...

Oh my gosh, I love your new house! I think it looks adorable. Hope Carter is doing well and Happy 4th!

Rob and Karina said...

Hey, I found your blog! Your little boy is so cute! It's great to see you're doing so well, keep in touch!