Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I actually baked cookies today to take around to some of our neighbors. I do bake at times, but for some reason never cookies, they always seem too high maintenance. One reason would be that there is no way Carter would give me that kind of time... at least that is what I thought. My "for the day Angel Carter" played on his own for almost an hour and a half!! I was in shock and awe and loving it. Of course, afterwards my kitchen was torn a part between my activity and Carter's and I had Craisins, animal crackers, and toys strewn everywhere. Though in the end it was all worth it and our sweet older neighbors loved their Valentine cookies but mostly the cute little boy who brought them.

Carter salivating while gazing at the cookies.


Scott, Kara, and Paul said...

I am jealous that Carter played on his own for that long. I honestly think the longest Paul has was maybe 10 min. No lie. We made cookies too, Paul loved sitting on the counter helping, that was the only way I would ever be able to get them done.

mm said...

OLDER neighbors? Amber dear we are not THAT much older than you are. Hmph!
Now if you'll excuse me I need to get the BenGay out so I can loosen Richy up for some Valentine lovin'. If we can stay awake. Oh fluff, where'd I put my cane?

;) Thanks for the plate of yummies.

mm said...

PS I LOVE the raisin stuck to his tooshie in the video.

Becky T said...

Yummy!! They look delicious! And I'm so sorry that I didn't call you back. I hope they turned out okay (assuming that you still used my recipe). I got the message later on that day and figured you were probably done baking. We have decided that they need some extra flour in higher altitudes, so hopefully you got them to work out. They look divine!