Friday, March 7, 2008

Spring Might be Coming!! (knock on wood)

Yesterday was chilly, but warm enough to bundle Carter in his coat and let him roam and explore our little backyard. It was so fun to watch him run from place to place. He was like a kid in a candy store. His face in the picture below says it all:

He had much to discover by taste and touch:

Carter also had a blast playing in my flower pot. He got the dirt all over his face by the time he was done.

With his own backyard conquered, Carter is now ready to take on the world!


Becky T said...

Take on the world, for sure! He looks pretty dang happy to be exploring the outside world. How fun to have a backyard! Love pictures of Carter, as always!

Karin, Dave, and baby Evan said...

You are such a nice mommy to let Carter play in the dirt! It's weird to see no snow on the ground. I can't wait to have a backyard. How fun for Carter!

Scott, Kara, and Paul said...

I love that the weather is getting warmer too! Exploring the backyard is always fun, but the tasting is even better! He is so dang cute!

Heitmann Family said...

so cute!! I love it when kids get to be outside, they are the happiest there!!

Afton McFee said...

I say bring on the warm weather. I am so done with all this snow. Today, utah's weather was around 50degrees so it was nice to get outside for a change. Nicholas seems much like his cousin, loves to be outside. So hopefully the warmer air can stick around. Give a kiss to carter for us. We miss you guys.