Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tag, I'm It!!

20 Years ago: I was 5 years old and in kindergarten at Robert Frost Elementry School in West Valley City, UT. I was still rather chunky and couldn't wear "normal" dresses because they didn't fit over my chub. Believe it or not I was pretty fat until around 2nd grade. My nickname given by my Grandpa Shirl was "thunder" from all my horrible fits I would throw. Everything had to be done my way or not at all. Some things never change I guess. :)
10 Years Ago: I am now 15 years old and a sophmore at Hillcrest Highschool. I was in the middle of my first super-duper crush with Jeff Jorgenson. To my absolute delight he returned the crush, to my absolute despair it was only for a few days. My heart was crushed and I never truly got over him for the rest of highschool. My bestfriend Anna and I were always up to mischief and now that she could drive we would go up to Park City and ski.
5 Years Ago: Matt and I had been married for 7 months at this point and living in the Rabbit Hutches (aka married student housing) for our last year at BYU. We were having a blast with all of Matt's boys who we miss dearly. I was waiting tables at Magelbys and Matt was a French Teacher at BYU. We knew we were headed to Des Moines at this point so Matt could attend Des Moines University for the Podiatric Surgery program. We couldn't wait to live closer to Matt's family in Kansas City, MO.
3 Years Ago: This has to be one of our favorite times of our married life. We had enough money to get by (thanks student loans), we LOVED living in Des Moines, we went down to KC about once a month, and most importantly this is when our love affair with the Freakin Thalgotts was blooming. This will be a time in our lives that we will look back forever and remember "the good old days". I just don't think life could get much better than that.
1 Year Ago: On today exactly Matt, Carter (2 1/2 months), and I moved in to Matt's parents house in KC. We lived with my family(SLC, UT) before that for around 4 months and that is where I had Carter. We were so sad to leave my family but were stoked to be with Matt's family and have their relationship with Carter grow. I was enjoying being a mom. My world at this point was consumed with naps, getting Carter to sleep at night, and trying to hold on to breastfeeding even though Carter had fought me on it from day one.
So Far This Year: I went out to visit my family for about 5 weeks with Carter, Matt came at the end. I have worked quite a bit with the kids I take to school (it's pretty much turned into a part time nanny gig) and I love it: the kids, the parents, the dog, and the money. I feel extremely blessed. I have dodged some serious car accidents having to do with the horrible ice and snow we've had out here in Pittsburgh.
Yesterday: I worked for a good chunk of the day, did laundry, slid backwards down a long steep hill and didn't crash thanks to my Heavenly Father, played in the snow with Matt and Carter, and watched a movie with Matt after he put Carter to bed.
Today: Worked out at the Gym, went to Home Depot to get everything we need to redo our downstairs bathroom, Matt finished the electrical work, went grocery shopping, and cleaned house.
Tomorrow: Get up early with Carter like every other morning, plan a nursery lesson, do dinner prep work, go to 1-4 church (awful church time), have the Lamberts over for dinner, call families, and collapse into bed wondering how Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest.
This Year: Survive residency with a positive attitude, survive the mass exodus of our Pittsburgh friends, perhaps get pregnant at some point, plant and tend a vegetable garden along with all of our flower beds. Most importantly have a blast being a mom to my wonderful Carter and being married to a super-star husband and father. I have a fantastic life and I need to everyday remember how truly blessed I am.
I Tag: Alison C, Karen D, Afton M, Kara B, and really I would love to read this from anyone!


Becky T said...

OK, I have a tear! Thinking about three years ago makes me so happy and sad all at the same time. We miss you guys sooooo much! I loved reading this, glad you did it!

Hillary said...

Oh, that was fun! Another baby this year eh???? Keep everyone posted and I mean it!

Bella said...

This was an awesome tag that I want to do it! I read yours and Becky's and loved hearing little tidbits! Hope all is going well and you finally get your basement done.