Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Murray Pool

My adorable Dad and brother Big Timmay
Another activity that was on the "must do list" was swimming at Murray Pool. We did this last year when we went home, but Matt was not with us and I thought he would really enjoy it.

Brother Dan and Sydney

Jen and Sawyer
Carter freezing as we were waiting for the pool check to be over so we could get back in.
The cool thing about the Murray Swimming Pool is that they have a water playground and water slide that you can take the kids on:


Cook Family said...

Those pictures make me homesick. Murray is my hometown. My family lives just 5 minutes from there. I'm glad you had fun.

Lowdogg said...

Is that the only pool in Murray?

Just kidding.

Dan and Jen said...

That was so fun! I {heart} Murray Pool! I'm glad we were able to fit that in-it's one of my favorite Herzog activities. And I love that everyone stands in front of the water slide cheering for all the kids. Good times.
I just think of cute Carter repeating, "get back in the poool, get back in the poool." Too cute.

Our girls' overnighter was fun. One of my friends grew up in Logan so we basically had a sleep over at her mom's house (aka "Chez Babs"). We had in house pedicures and just chatted into the wee hours. While we were gone all the guys took the kids to eat at Chuck-A-Rama and Cafe Rio (where I'm sure they have all been asked to never return. Apparently they just let the 6 big kids kind of run all over) and they also went to Wheeler Farm.

Are you getting back to normal life? I bet it feels kind of nice.