Friday, February 20, 2009

Sledding in UT

One of the activities we for sure wanted to get in while in Utah was sledding. We get snow in Pittsburgh but not like out in Utah. Plus, sledding was a big part of growing up for me in my family and it is so fun getting together with the siblings and nieces and nephews and goin' down the hill.
My mom, Me, and Stacey's son Kyle
My sister Stacey's 2nd, Makenna

Stacey and Kyle (Twin)

Nicki with Stac's other twin Ashlyn

Chris's two girls, Lexi (back) and Emily (front)

MaKenna and Carter Hugging

Me with the Coolest dog ever, Scout. Scout loves to sled down the hill and would go with whoever would take him. (Kaylee, Stac's 3rd is to the side.)

Left to Right: Emi, Aubrey (Stac's oldest), Carter, Kaylee, and Sydney (Dan's oldest)

This was the favorite kind of sledding for the three and unders. Carter really flew down with his slick, red suit. He became our little red bullet.

Lexi is such a champ and tough girl. Here she is sledding it up.


Mark, Holly and Boys said...

I love the little red bullet! How funny! It was so good to see you & Carter while you were out here (hopefully we'll catch you next time too, Matt!). Carter is sure a cutie!

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

I really love sledding. Evan and I are often the only people on the hill, and I never get it!

Dan and Jen said...

Fun times! I loved watching Carter slide down in his suit. It was crazy how fast he went! Cute pictures. We miss you guys.