Monday, March 30, 2009

March Wrap-Up

Builder Man Carter

Carter has an older buddy Linus who he really admires. Carter thinks that Linus's house is the coolest because Linus has all the coolest toys ever. It has been really nice for me in deciding what to buy Carter for birthdays and Christmas because I can just think of the toys that Linus has and buy whatever he has that we haven't already copied. Linus is into all things builder and manly. It is rare that you see Linus without his builder boots, jeans, and his construction hat.

So when I saw Carter in this outfit playing with his crane that Aunt Nicole gave him I thought it had Linus written all over it.

Growing Up

The other day we had playgroup and I was so amazed watching Carter play with the other kids. First, because he wasn't hitting or pushing, he was overall being a pretty nice kid. Second, he was right there keeping up with all the imaginative play that the big kids were doing. The playground was at times a castle with princesses, dragons and bad guys. And then it became a Pirate Ship and they were all pirates. But no matter what the playground was Carter was right there with the rest of them playing his part. I was so happy and proud of him. I just never imagined such things would bring me such happiness and joy.

His new phrase after this playgroup was, "I had it first." It is essentially a glorified way of saying, "That's Mine!" It's just so funny to hear his developed speech.

Also, last night Carter peed in the potty for the first time. We aren't ready to go full blown into the potty training thing, but we thought we would start introducing him to it and get him thinking about it. He was VERY proud of himself.

My Two Boys

Siddharth, my nanny boy, is on Spring break right now so I had him all last week and most of this week. We have been playing pretty hard and having so much fun. I have now nannied Siddharth and his older sister for a little over 1 1/2 years. I have grown to love them so much. They are as close to my own kids as they could get. So I wanted to include a few pictures of us playing on the playground at the zoo.

Random Videos

Carter is at the point where I feel like to truly capture so many of the things that he is doing or that makes him who he is I have to take videos. I take these videos with my not totally awesome, but gets me by digital camera. It is convenient and super easy to download, but the videos are far from high quality. Really all that matters to me is being able to see my boy and hear his voice.

This kid is always cracking us up by the clever stuff that he is doing (Can ya tell I'm a proud Momma?) Also, this video shows one of his very favorite games. He loves to Roar and have us Scream. He could do this on and on:

Notice in this video his "ums" it cracks his mommy and daddy up!

This is C's new favorite board game:

Last Friday evening we went out to get Matt's favorite food - Thai. C had to give the chop sticks a try:

Daddy is just the funniest guy around, wouldn't you agree? He certainly knows how to get some good laughs out of his boy.


Stefanie said...


It is weird seeing Carter talk. He is getting so big. Hope all is well with you. I was sorry to hear about your Grandpa.


MPk said...

Micah and I cracked up at those cute videos. Carter is so adorable! Good for you for keeping record as he grows up!

Rory and Courtney Duckworth said...

That is so great! Imaginative play is really an important step for these youngsters! It is sad to see some of my clients just totally NOT get it! I'm glad he is growing so well! AND so cute might I add! Good job mommy! said...

Gage has that same hard hat! He wears it everyday and tries to help fix things. Miss you guys.

Whit said...

LOVED this post. It is soooo fun to see my little buddy get so big! I wish I was there to play with him while he was at this stage. Oh well, someday.
I came over to Ryan's today just so I could get on youtube and watch these cute videos.
I am in a child development class and we've been talking a lot about social competence ( i just finished an 8 page paper of that ) and Carter seems to be doing very well!! I always think about him when we talk in class about things. So not that this means much coming from me, but you're doing an awesome job with him.
Oh, and YA!! We're going to Vegas this weekend to escape and see Ryan's family. I am SOOOO excited. It will be fun. Miss you guys and love you all so much!

Dan and Jen said...

Cute videos! It's fun to see Carter growing up. He is talking so well! Man, I have the cutest nephews (nieces)-lucky me!

mm said...

Awesome. Nothing like having a pint sized builder man around!