Friday, April 10, 2009

Matt's 30th Birthday

Today is my Sweetheart's 30th Birthday!! It is amazing that we are now hitting milestones like this together. He is such a loving, gentle, crazy, and good man. As my Grandmother reminds me often, I am so lucky to have him in my life. I thought I would just post some of the pictures I have of him in his 30 years thus far.

When Matt was a baby he had the nickname of being the Michellin Man.

This is Matt with his Dad and older brother Cory.

These crazy boys: Matt loves his memories of being at his Grandparent's house in Hyrum, Utah playing with his brothers and cousin Jake. They always had something up their sleeves.

And these are the two (Jay & Bonnie) that made it all possible. (This picture explains a lot don't you think?)
Sadly, on our computer we don't have any pictures of Matt in highschool, college, and mission. Matt loved highschool and was heavily involved in wrestling and the school musicals. All the girls swooned over him when he was Conrad Birdie. Then after his freshman year at his beloved BYU where he met his best friends (see below) he went on his mission to Paris, France.After the mission he came back home, roomed with the boys above and had a blast living the single life.

But sure enough in January 2002 I came into his life and 6 months later we were married.

We both had a year left at BYU and then had the awesome experience of graduating together.

After graduation we were off to Des Moines University where Matt attended Podiatry School.

But true to Matt (and sometimes with a little nudge from me), during all of this we were still able to get out and have a good time.
Matt being his crazy self and jumping in the goose poo infested lake behind his parent's house.

Halloween with our friend's the Whoolley's in Des Moines.

At the top of Mount Timpanogous


Visitng the Palmers and Lowrys in Gainesville, FL

For our year anniversary we went to Paris, France (that is the Eiffel Tower in the background) and London, England.

And then the coolest thing to happen to either one of us:

Matt has always been a phenomenal father. You can just see it in his face.
And finally the craziness of Podiatry School ended and Matt graduated from DMU. Little did we know that we were going into something even crazier called Residency.
Matt is now a resident in Pittsburgh and life continues to be interesting, but I know I can always rely on my fantastic husband to be the rock of our family. We have such a great time as a family and when we are all together we find ourselves laughing quite a bit of the time. (Carter is a big help in that area.) Thanks Matt for your unending dedication to our family! We love you more than we can say.


Hillary said...

Cute post! You guys are so cute together.

Lowdogg said...

Awesome post. I love that guy.

Happy Birthday Mateo.

Becky T said...

OK, how is it possible that this post had me laughing and crying?? We miss you guys SO much and I must say I'm a little fond of Matt myself...yes, I admit it. Even though I was always kickin' his trash in settlers, I still like the guy. :) And I had a little post all ready in my mind for my blog for Matt's b-day, involving a certain photo you guys gave us for Valentine's Day, but Garrett said I couldn't post it. Since when was Garrett all about saving Matt from embarrassment??? ha ha, so no post on my blog for Matty Matt, but a big HUGE happy b-day from all of us. We miss you guys SO much!

Mark, Holly and Boys said...

Thanks for sharing all of that - what a fun post! We're so glad to know you guys. Happy Birthday, Matt...and I say that our 30's are the decade we've waited for our whole lives :)

Heitmann Family said...

That was a sweet post!! Happy Birthday Matt!

leah said...

That was fun to read through...I love that picture of Jay and Bonnie, though I've never seen that side of Jay. haha. Anyway, happy birthday Matt. You are an old man.

Becky said...

That gave me goosebumps, you guys are so sweet together. And you're right Amber, all the girls totally swooned over Matt as Conrad Birdie. Happy Birthday Matt!
And that goose poop picture...disgusting.

The 4 Hoggans said...

I remember those great Sunday nights in Hyrum. That pic with the boys and wet hair was a regular thing. It really captures what they did together.

Dan and Amanda Arrhenius said...

Okay so seriously you guys are the coolest ever! I just love looking at all of the pictures. You're definitley an inspiration to us all. I hope Matt had a great birthday! Dan always appreciated his LOVE for the Coug's. I hope that you guys are doing well!

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

what a great post! Those pics were all awesome! Can't wait to see you guys so soon!