Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Grandma, Grandpa, Buddies, and Puddles...

...These are a few of Carter's favorite things. (This is our April Wrap-Up):

We went to the Children's museum at the beginning of the month. They had a new tree house exhibit where you could try on a whole bunch of different bird costumes. Below Carter is an owl (one of his favorite animals he pretends to be thanks to Little Bear, see the last video at the bottom of the post). Speaking of Little Bear, it may not be the most educational show as far as letters and numbers but it has been fantastic for his imagination. He loves to pretend he is his little animal friends from the show, not to mention his trips to the moon.

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend was a big one for us because Matt turned 30, Grandma and Grandpa Nielsen came into town, I taught the Easter Relief Society lesson and it was Easter.

We had to take Grandma and Grandpa to the zoo.

I love this picture of Grandpa and Carter checking out Carter's most fascinating animal at the zoo, the snake. It is quite a love/ hate relationship. It terrifies him but he can't look away.

You can't tell in this picture, but Carter's hands looked like a sea monster's (after insisting on dunking and pulling out the eggs with his fingers), which Carter thought was awesome since a monster is probably his favorite imaginary thing he likes to be, especially when it involves scaring girls.

Carter and Oliver did a great job in helping this older gentleman blow out his candles. :)

Skippy Jon Jones is a favorite story at our house, especially when Matt reads it with his great Antonio Banderas accent. Below is some video of it, though it is hard to hear his voice in some places. Thanks Lexi and Emi for giving it to us!

Paling Around

Carter has really enjoyed the bike trailer this year. Last year between the wearing of the helmet and having the helmet always fall in his face he wasn't a huge fan. But since none of that is a problem this year, he loves speeding down the road behind his daddy.

This is Siddharth, the boy I watch, and Carter swinging on the tire swing at their house. The boys love doing this and the two of them fit nicely. Siddharth and his sister Tanvi always try to make things work so that Carter can be included in most activities.

I have talked a lot to family and some friends about their dog Caesar so I thought I would post a picture here. He is a Golden Doodle (Golden Retriever and Poodle mix). He is a big dog but is sweet as a teddy bear. He and Carter are great buddies and love to watch for the garbage man together on Thursday mornings.

Carter is definitely hitting that independent and wants to help with everything stage. In fact, the other day Carter was complaining about it being his turn to clean the toilet bowl as I was scrubbing it. But two Saturdays ago, we had some yard work to do and Carter was right there with Matt helping every step of the way.

He loves the watering part!!

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Last week we had a ton of rain, but Carter and I were very itchy to get out of the house. So we did and we had a ball. By the way, this is the back alley way from our house.

I only wish I had a better camera and more skill because some of these pictures could have been awesome!
We found this umbrella at the Goodwill for a $1.50, SCORE!!

There's nothing better than the joy of a child!

In the second video below, it isn't too obvious but Carter loves to label puddles: "Baby Puddles" and "Daddy Puddles."

Temple Day

I had the honor of escorting a sister from our ward through the DC temple this last Saturday. It was a remarkable day. Matt and Carter came down with us, Matt dropped Carter off at my cousin Adrienne's house and joined us at the temple. I am so excited for this wonderful sister who had so much faith and dedication to make it to this day. And of course the DC temple and it's grounds were looking as beautiful as ever.

Spring Time!!

Last fall, Matt planted a bunch of bulbs and it has been so exciting to watch them come up and look so beautiful. Matt goes out there every day and looks at them. He loves to garden. But with that said, we have really struggled with our flower beds and vegetable garden in the past. Some areas are successes and other areas we really fail. But this is the first time, where each plant looks beautiful and survived. I guess we are making progress, lets just hope it lasts.

The picture above was from our side flower bed and this is the bed right in front of our drive strip.

An owl, a duck, a dog, a snake oh my....

And that was our month of April, phew!

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Dan and Jen said...

Oh, I loved this post! I really enjoyed all the videos. Syd sat and watched them with me. She gets disappointed when there's a picture and not a video. Carter is awesome. I LOVE that he puddle- jumps. Syd names things baby, mommy & daddy too. It always makes me happy when the daddy "something" is bigger than the mommy "something."

Fun Easter hunt. Syd passed up toys and even a scooter in the search for eggs. She was totally oblivious. If it wasn't an egg, she wasn't looking for it.

Matt, we really enjoyed the Skippy Jon Jones. Well done, Senior.

Amber, what an awesome experience to escort someone through the temple. And I'm sure 'A' loved watching Carter. That's cool that she is close enough to do that.

We love all you Owls out there in PA