Thursday, November 5, 2009

Utah Summer Trip 2009 part 3

Jackson Hole

August 26 - 30, 2009

After Nielsen family pictures were over everyone hopped in cars (except Whitney sadly! She had World of Dance practices going on down at BYU that she couldn't miss) and we headed up to beautiful Jackson Hole, WY. JH holds a special place in this family's heart. For Matt and I it is where we went for our Honeymoon, but more than that it is where my father-in-law Jay and mother-in-law Bonnie met. One summer they both went up there to work and just happened to work for the same place and many years later they were married. Now 5 kids, 3 in-laws, and 2 grandchildren later we all went back to celebrate our growing family.

Jay rented a beautiful "cabin" for us to stay at and we all enjoyed just hanging around and being together.

Carter and his cousin Dade. You would never guess there was any relation at all between these two boys they are so different looking.
A proud Grandma with her two JOYS!! Carter hardly wanted to do anything else all trip long except play with Grandma.

Sarah, who married Matt's brother Todd, was so good to read to Carter in their own special cubby hole. As you can see Carter LOVED it!! It didn't hurt that he developed a little bit of a crush on his Aunt Sarah. But who can blame the kid?

The Tram

A few of us decided to ride the Tram up to the top of the Tetons. Here we are going up...

Though it was a somewhat bumpy road to the top, we all made it in one piece, some of us a little more jumpy than others (Meagan). :) Speaking of Meagan, here she is with her gorgeous son Dade.

Carter very much enjoyed his ride to the top and the magnificent view once we got there.

It's been so fun to see Kurt become a Dad not just technically but emotionally as well.

I love this boy of mine!!

Carter enjoyed exploring the mountaintop.

Great-Grandpa and Grandma Bauman with their two great-grandchildren.

Jenny Lake, Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point (all in random order)

After we made it to Hidden Falls Jay, Matt and I decided to go on to Inspiration Point for a lovely view of the area.

Hidden Falls

Jenny Lake in the background.
After hiking around Jenny Lake, admiring Hidden Falls and trekking up to Inspiration Point we headed back to take the ferry boat back across the lake. Here is Carter hiking his way to the boat:

Then after all that hard work, Carter needed a little cool down:


We made a "quick" trip up to Yellowstone to see Old Faithful explode. The plan was to spend the day up there, but after being stuck in construction the drive took way longer than planned so we pretty much got up to Yellowstone saw Old Faithful and left. That trip will always be memorable for all the wrong reasons I think. :)

Uncle Cory, Matt and Carter

Carter was totally intrigued.

We also were able to enjoy a little bit of wildlife.

The beautiful and majestic Grand Tetons.


Scott, Kara, Paul and Brad said...

Love the pictures! Carter is getting so big and so dang cute! You look awesome Amber! We love Jackson Hole and Yellowstone, so missing it and Utah right now.

Mark, Holly and Boys said...

OK, first of all I absolutely LOVE Carter's cute costume. What a doll. Also, it was fun to see pics from your trip & see Matt's family! I'm so bummed that we weren't able to meet up while you were in UT...let's make it happen next time though! :)