Saturday, November 7, 2009

Utah Summer Trip 2009 Part 4

August 31 - September 8

Seven Rivers, Liberty Park

Liberty Park has the coolest little "water park" that represents the seven rivers going down seven different canyons along the Wasatch Front. It is such a fun place for kids to run around and climb and splash. Carter had such a great time we had to go twice. The first time was with his cousins. In the picture above he is with adorable Kaylee or "KK" as we usually refer to her. Her smile always melts my heart and makes me smile no matter what mood I am in.

These are my sister's twins, #4 and 5, Ashlyn and Kyle.

The second time around Carter brought this little boat and let me tell you sending that boat down the river became SERIOUS BUSINESS!! You just have to look at his face on the video I post of him. He was running up and down for at least an hour. It was hilarious to watch the focus he had.

Grandpa's Big Helper

Carter was all about helping my Dad while out in Utah. Whether it was fixing the sprinklers, scooping up dog poop ("That's so Yucky!!") or mowing the lawn. Grandpa was great at letting his little shadow help every step of the way. At one point, when the boys were fixing the sprinklers there were three heads in the sprinkler box: Dad, Carter and Sadie the dog who wanted to play catch.

Nothing like a cutie mowing the lawn in his diaper:

Swiss Days

Growing up every year over Labor Day Weekend, we would go up to Midway where my parents have a cabin and go to Swiss Days. Swiss Days is a boutique extravaganza, pretty much every girl's dream. They do have some pretty awesome wooden toys that boys young and old enjoy checking out.
Here's some of the cousins at the cabin after their early morning wake up call.

Swiss Days always means the Swiss Days' Parade. This is one of those great small town parades where they throw candy out like it is Halloween so needless to say the kids loved it. I took some pictures of my favorite items in the parade, most of them being for sentimental reasons since they have been in the parade since I was little. By the way, I haven't been to Swiss Days since I moved away from Utah 6.5 years ago so I was feeling all sorts of sentimental that weekend.

This incredible horn was part of the Post Office Band which has been there since I can remember.

I can't remember the name of the family who owns this train, but it is another sentimental item. It used to be filled with their children and now they fill it with grand children and great-grandchildren.

This was just plain adorable.

This tractor and trailer are from my cousin's farm. The driver is my Uncle Charles and some of my cousins are on the tractor.

I just thought this plumber float was hilarious, notice the "flowers."
While at Swiss Days I got an adorable rag blanket quilt for my little baby girl. When my mother-in-law came out a couple weeks ago she made it, I helped a little bit. It turned out SOOO CUTE!! Pictures to come. I also bought baby girl headbands and flowers. It is so weird to be buying these little girl things but fun too. Carter got some super cute wooden toys. I hope to make it back to Swiss Days soon!
And that wraps up my Utah 2009 Summer Vacation. Now on to catching up on other things on my blog. Can you tell I am "blog nesting" before the baby comes? I have got to get caught up!!


M & S Eagar said...

I totally thought about you guys when we were there. We didn't know until about 10pm the night before that we were actually going to make it.

However, you may be glad you didn't meet up with us, because a couple hours after we got home Emma came down with H1N1.

Anyway, I'm already "itching" to go back to IKEA so I'll let you know if I come back.

Stacey said...

Those were such fun times!!! I love the all the videos of the kids. You have such a cute little boy. We miss him so much! Kaylee saw me looking at your blog and get's Sydney (who I am watching) and says "Come see Carter!" She always enjoys looking at your blog, so do I. I love how Carter totally helps dad!