Friday, February 12, 2010

Get Your Bowl On

Last Monday (Feb. 8th) Matt, Carter and I went bowling for a friend's preschool fundraiser. Hayden fresh out of the hospital got to stay home with Grandma Bon. This was Carter's first time bowling and he was pretty stoked about it! Below, Carter explains how to properly bowl (before he went) so if you are having trouble in your bowling skills let the C-Man give you some tips:

I think he learned his mad skills from a Little Bear he watched earlier that day when Little Bear talked about how to play marbles when he was trying to win his marbles back from his tricky friend who stole them all. That mean monkey Mitsy, when will she ever learn to play fair?

Carter loved the lights and especially the music:

Though his face looks somewhat bored, this is not the case. This is his face of concentration. It takes a lot of work and focus to get your ball and send it down this ramp!

This next move we like to call, "The Double Bowl" (oops!):

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Dan and Jen said...

So fun!! I'm glad that you guys got to enjoy a fun night out. Carter is a natural. And has some pretty sweet dance moves. I especially like the fall into the splits! Awesome!