Monday, March 8, 2010

Hayden's Baby Blessing

March 7, 2010

Yesterday we blessed our sweet baby Hayden! For those of you not familiar with a baby blessing here is an explanation written by Matt: The blessing of children is something that is customary in our church for infants. The blessing is analogous to some other Christian churches practice of baptizing or christening infants, however our baptisms occur typically around age 8 for children and anytime in adulthood for converts. Those participating in the blessing circle are ordained holders of the priesthood and I will be performing the act of the blessing itself.

We had a beautiful day afterwards filled with family (Gma Bonnie and Gpa Jay), friends and yummy food. I am so grateful for this beautiful little girl and a wonderful husband worthy to give her this blessing.
Hayden asleep on Grandma at church after her special blessing. She is our little beauty!!

The Blessing Weekend

Gma Bon came out on Thursday to help me prepare for the blessing and Gpa Jay came out Friday night. Here are some pictures of our time together:

Check out those BLUE eyes!! I might get my wish of a blue-eyed baby after all!!

Can I just say... OH MY GOSH!!

We went bowling again and again Carter LOVED it!!

The weather finally got nice enough that we could take a little stroll outside. Hayden was quite amazed by the outdoors but then decided sleeping was even cooler.

Gma and Gpa playing Go Fish with Carter and Daddy watching the BYU basketball game.


Matthew said...

Awesome post sweetheart. You do such a great job with the blog. I love having this as a way of remembering the important times in our life. Thanks for giving me so many wonderful memories and 2 amazing kids. Life with you is the best.

Stacey said...

Love the beautiful dress!!!! Love you guys! Thanks for showing us that are far away.

Whit said...

Thanks for helping me feel like I was there! Love love love her blue eyes!

Dan and Jen said...

What a little angel! She looks beautiful in her blessing dress. That's nice that Bonnie and Jay could be there.

Scott, Kara, Paul and Brad said...

She is just beautiful! Love the dress! What a fun day, I am glad it went awesome!

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

YEAH the shirt fits!!! That dress is soo beautiful!

Laurel said...

It was such a beautiful blessing. She is gorgeous! Glad you could have Matt's parents here for the occasion!

James & Stephie Lynne Purcell said...

She really is a beautiful girl! Chase read this post with me and he kept smiling... I think he may have a little crush :)

Becky T said...

Oy! I am so behind on blogs and can't believe all I've missed on yours. So now you're getting comment overload. :) What a beautiful blessing dress, what a beautiful girl! It looks like a great time for everyone. That is so awesome!