Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hayden's first Photo Shoot (Finally!!)

January 1, 2010

Hayden was 1 1/2 weeks old

My friend Jess, who is extremely talented, took pictures of Hayden for our baby gift from her (What an awesome gift, right!?). I am not posting them until now because our CD drive on our computer decided to give up the ghost and all of Hayden's pics were on a CD. But I have them now and am so excited to post them. THANKS JESS!!

Our Three Year Old
Since Carter's birthday is 4 days earlier than Hayden's, we decided to get his 3 yr-old pictures done at the same time.

Our Family
Big Brother and Baby Sister

Mom and Dad with Baby Hayden

Hayden's Birth Announcement


Whit said...

OHHHHHHH MYYY GOOOSSSSH!!!!! These pictures KILL me. MAN I miss you guys!!! I love you and your babies!

Amanda and Paul said...

Amber they are all so cute! jess is amazing. What a cute family.

Leah Miller said...

So cute. Love them!!

vinodkumar said...

hi, he is one of the cutest child i have ever seen, and the posts in your blog are nonsense...thank you for sharing all the photos...
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Anna-Lisa said...

Great pictures and Carter is SUCH a stud! You are totally gonaa have a ladies man on your hands!

Becky T said...

What a beautiful little girl and gorgeous family! We loved getting the announcement in the mail and we are so happy for you all! (And I hope she is not still having trouble breathing! Hugs to you all!)