Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Farewell Pittsburgh

After Memorial Day we went into hard-core packing mode. We lived for quite a while with bare-bones stuff. But the kids made the best of it.

The day for packing the truck arrived. We had a TON of help from our church. Richy was a key player in figuring out how to make everything fit in the truck.


Since we did ABF we had to pack the truck up Thursday with all our stuff and send it on it's way even though we didn't move till the next Wed. Our furniture consisted of these few camping chairs, some air mattress' and a friend's pack n' play. It was luxurious.

That Saturday we had a garage sale with our friends. The weather ended up being poor so it wasn't super successful. Oh well. At least we were able to get our Karaoke on while we were waiting for customers.

Oliver striking a pose, this is SOOO Oliver!! "Hey everybody come see how good I look!" - Anchorman.

Monday was cleaning day. I had a bunch of girl friends come to the house and clean while Jess had the hardest job of staying by herself at Heather's watching all the kids. Afterwards, we had a picnic of Taco Bell in Heather's family room. Once again, I have the greatest friends in the WHOLE world. Missing you ladies like crazy!!


Justin, Kira and Evan said...

oh I hate moving!!!

Lorie Walters said...

Your kids are SOOOOO cute!! You must be related!! Ha Ha!!! Good luck with your move!