Sunday, June 13, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

To start our weekend we went a little retro with our friends and went to a Drive-In theater. We saw Shrek 4.

The boys were ecstatic as you can see.

This is how the Nielsens roll at Drive-Ins. We blow up our air mattress, put a blanket over it, throw in a ton of pillows and there you go - a super comfy Drive-In set up.

On Saturday we went to our church's Memorial Day Weekend picnic. Hayden was all dressed to party including what people like to call her "satellite" honing in on the situation. I just refer back to our family motto, "Go Big or Go Home!"

We went straight from the church picnic to a work buddy's BBQ. Carter's sipping back on a little soda while Hayden is chilling with her buddy Christian who is one day older than she.

After all that food and partying, it is time to get a little exercise doing some tummy time.

She loves to play with her toys.

On Monday we went to visit the family I part-time nannied for one last time. Siddharth and Carter were so CUTE together. Siddharth has always been so good with him and Carter has always looked up to Siddharth, but this time with Carter being a little older it was even more so.

Here I am with some of the kids I love most. Aren't they each so beautiful?

And here's the whole family. It is only fitting that Carter is in this picture because the whole time I have known them they have treated Carter like one of there own. I will miss them tremendously!
After all our fun and visits with friends we headed back home to get more packing done. We are now "moved in" to our new house but more posts on that later...
P.S. I broke down and got a new camera - a Cannon Power Shot. It's good to be able to take pictures again!


Scott, Kara, Paul and Brad said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! Glad the move went good, can't wait to see pictures! I also have a cannon they are awesome!

mm said...

I was wondering when you'd surface again! Good to know you're still kickin' out there in the KC.

And yup we miss you guys.