Friday, July 23, 2010

Utah Summer 2010 Trip Part 1

Matt had about a two week break from the time that he finished up residency in PGH to when he started his new job at our new location. So we thought before we start using up vacation time let's get a trip in to UT. Well, we are feeling a little poor right now with all the expenses that come with buying a new house so we decided to drive. And with the small children we thought driving through the night might be less brutal. So when we arrived at 9 am the next morning after our fun welcoming by family we handed the kids off to Tim & Nic so we could nap and this is what they did:

Carter was hooked on this Utah thing from the beginning.

The next day we got out to visit Grandma Ione. I don't know how many visits are left with her so each visit is bitter-sweet.

In this video, Carter & Hayden have a great game of footsie going on:

Snowbird Condo
Grandma Yvonne has a snowbird condo timeshare that we love to use when we are in town. First stop is the playground.

Shocker that the two boys are on their phones prolly Cougar Fannin it. They are both totally oblivious to the world. This is a daily scene with my husband. The I-Phone is a blessing and a curse.
Next the tram:

Precious. We had a little boy that was getting tired - he was having too much fun in cousin heaven.


I will eat you!!

Back at the condo after we went swimming. My brother Dan with his adorable son Sawyer.

Fourth of July (Utah Style)
Since the 4th was on a Sunday, in Utah the 4th was mostly celebrated on the 3rd. We started off the day hitting up the awesome Park City Outlet Mall and then we met up with my siblings and their kids at a park to play and then to Stac's for a BBQ.

All the cousins. Carter thinks cousins are pretty much the coolest things ever. I told him one day that we were going to go see his buddies and he said, "Not my buddies, my Cousins!" And he's right, Cousins are pretty special.

Chris's youngest, Lilly, couldn't get enough of her cousin Hayden. She wanted to hug and kiss her all day long. (Notice Hayden is now sitting.)

Then that night we were off to fireworks.

I love this picture of Carter and KK.

Beautiful Babes!

Jen & Sawyer

Here we are dressed for church on the actual 4th of July and no matter how sickening sweet it is, I just can't help dressing the family up for Holidays.

The Sunday night tradition for Matt's Utah paternal side is to meet at Gpa and Gma Nielsen's for ice cream. We love going up and seeing the family grow. This is Matt's "twin" cousin Andrea.

This is our handsome little nephew who is obsessed with trains. He labels everything in two categories. If it is a train he shakes his head yes while saying "train." If it is not a train he shakes his head no while saying "train." This particular night he was pretty fascinated by this big truck and kept walking around it saying "train" while shaking his head no. He is such a cutie putootie!!

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