Friday, July 30, 2010

Utah Summer 2010 Trip Part 2

Kennecott Copper

Trucks!! We love big Trucks in our family and so what better place to go to then the copper mines at the west of the Salt Lake Valley.

Carter and Kyle carefully studying each miniature version of the trucks used at the mine.

And then we got to see the trucks in action! These puppies are HUGE - trucks on steroids are what they are.

Watching in fascination.

The men.
This is one of the tires that belongs to the monstrous dump trucks.

Wheeler Farm
Last time we were in UT we went to Wheeler Farm, but wasn't able to milk the cows so we knew this trip we needed to rectify that.
Carter was pretty nervous about milking it so I had the pleasure. It was just a weird experience all around. Even though it was a cow, I wasn't so sure about grabbing her own personal stuff and then the smell just turned my tummy.

A crazy tractor driver. What out cows, here comes Carter!!

Oh the intrigue!! I love all those adorable little backs.

And Hayden, true to form, is patiently taking it all in with her beautiful blue eyes.

Carter LOVES to wrestle!!! I guess Dad became to easy of a match for him so he moved on to
humongous beast named Sadie.And after several laps around the yard, Carter conquered!
Now it's time for Muttenbusting. He lasted a couple seconds.
Pineview Lake

Chillin at the beach.

Carter playing in the sand with his cousins. The sand is the best part of Pineview.

Chillin on the floatation island.
The lakes are so beautiful out in Utah. But the water is SOO Cold. Everyone was talking about how mild the water was on this day, but I have become a wimp after getting used to nasty, brown, warm Midwest water.

Carter went out on a double date with Tim, Stef, Matt and I. It was his first time mini-golfing. It was pretty cute.


Here's a video of Carter putting one in:

Our exhausted child. We played so hard from morning till night, so every night we had one exhausted boy. We stayed at my parent's like usual, but this time they decided it might be more comfortable for us to stay in their big 5th Wheel RV parked on their drive way. It was really nice. We had our own bedroom and the kids had their own area to sleep. We had our own bathroom too.
Liberty Park

Hey there cuties!!
The Seven Rivers at Liberty Park was such a HUGE hit last year that we had to return. Carter once again loved floating his boat down each river. Soon most of the kids there learned not to get in his way or they were going to get an ear full from him. He took his boat runner job very seriously!!

And at times, we required Dad's help to get the boat unstuck.

Sitting on a fountain.

Bathing beauties!

I'm surrounded by girls!!

Aunt Nicole and Hayden.
Once again, we had a super successful trip to UT full of great memories! My siblings and parents were so awesome to take so much time off of work and out of their schedule to do so many things with us. My family definitely knows how to play together and how to play hard.

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Stefanie said...

Looks like you had a blast. Sorry we weren't able to host you guys either on the trip out or back. Maybe next time, give us another chance! Hope all is well!