Sunday, August 1, 2010

Carter is Waterskiing!!

Last Saturday we had a great evening on the lake! It all started on our way to the lake when Hayden started laughing more and harder than she ever has before:

Then one of our top ten proudest moments of Carter thus far happened when he decided he wanted to get out on the lake and water skii with his Dad.

He has a huge smile on his face and thought he was a pretty cool kid yelling out, "Hit it!" to Grandpa.

His smile tells it all. Matt did great with him out there and Carter loved every minute of it. He is getting so big and grown up and I just can't believe how brave he is. At the time I was just so stinkin proud of him, and now I am getting a little teary-eyed at how big this means he is getting. He is definitely not my baby anymore.

Here is a video of him skiing:

But here are my adorable Baby's toes, peeking out from her sleeping place. She does such a good job on the boat. She complains just a bit to make sure you know that she's uncomfortable in that big bulky life jacket, but mostly she endures with a "I'm putting up with this" demeanor.

Carter just chillin.

Drivin Grandpa who is out slaloming.

It seemed like there was almost magic in the air, because we all achieved if not our personal bests out in the water, close to it. Matt made some great strides with wakeboarding.

The three of us went out on the "tube" and Carter again decided to be ultra daring and wanted to go out of the wake and hit a bunch of bumps. We got thrown off twice by some pretty big bumps and each time he came up out of the water laughing.

These pictures of Grandma and Grandpa are PROOF that Grandpa did indeed go out on the "tube" and enjoyed it (see the smiles), you know you did Grandpa.

They even got daring and got up on their hands and knees and at one point even acting like they were riding a bull.
So in a way, I guess they got what was coming to them when they met their demise. :)

The end of the evening sure was beautiful on the lake.

Carter loves to get out and swim between each skiier/ wakeboarder/ tuber.

Hayden "surviving."

Carter wiped out at the end of one successful day.


Whit said...

You got some saweeet pics that night Ambam! Looks so awesome! That video of Hayden is PRICELESS!!!!

Lorie Walters said...

Looks like so much fun!! Glad grandpa got some fun!!! Love you all!

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

yeahhh Carter!!!