Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bitty Soccer

After much anticipation and asking all of his buddies if they wanted to be on his soccer team, Carter finally started soccer. Where we live they only do bitty soccer at Carter's age, which is 3 weeks of soccer clinics/drills and the 4th week is a scrimage. But to Carter he had a team (the green team) and a coach (3 parent volunteers, I was one of them) so for him it was the real thing.
He took his soccer playing very seriously. He takes after his mom, he's pretty competitive.

Running his drills. For being just 3, he did a great job at listening and following directions for each of his drills.
There were a few smiles here and there.

What a kick buddy!

Carter is really into music and he has his own unique names for each of his songs that he requests on a regular basis. This song is called his Sport's Song because this is the song he requests to listen to in order to "get pumped up " for his soccer "games." He gets a little camera shy, usually he is dancing all over the place when I turn this song on, or if he is in "battle mode" he get's a serious "fighter face" on and pumps his fists.

I knew that C's first game would be a little rough and tumble, but I never dreamed it would become the wrestling match that it was at times.


Lowdogg said...

That looks like a lot of parents on the field!

Gladys said...

He is a doll Amber! Too cute.

Anna-Lisa said...

Yeah for soccer and good for you for coaching it!