Tuesday, October 5, 2010

August Catch Up

I am a succor for bath pictures, even when Carter is being a total ham (which is happening a lot these days).

Hayden is starting to get more aggressive with her eating.
I still have a ways to go with my wakeboarding with form and jumping off the wake, but slowly I am making progress.

Again, I need to work on getting my board straightened, etc. etc. If any of you have any tips for me, I'd LOVE to hear them!!!

In August we enjoyed a lot of late evenings at the lake, going until the last possible minute of sun light.

Matt is starting to work on landing a backflip. He hasn't landed it yet, but he's making good strides.

Carter loves playing Peek A Boo with Hayden and sings this song with it:

Lunch time often can be my favorite time of the day with Carter (on the days that I am calm and relaxed) because we can just sit and talk while we eat lunch together. Sometimes Carter gets a little goofy, but I guess this video just shows him at his age of 3.

Also, in July Carter took swim lessons.

And Hayden ate her toes:

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