Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Never too Late for November

This is my catch up post for November:

This is the way that Matt watches his BYU Football. I get such a kick out of it. Let me explain exactly what is going on in this picture. Matt is watching the game on TV while keeping track of all the stats online and listening to the live KSL Radio feed off of his I-Phone (one ear bud in his ear). Can we just say: OBSESSED!!

This was a rare morning, where Matt didn't have to go to work or round or do anything else. We could all just get in bed and cuddle and laugh and have a good time.

I already did a post about going home back in November to see my brother Tim go on his mission. But I missed putting a couple pictures in there. This one of my mom above is so classic Grandma Karen. My mother has an intense love of books and reading. Now that the kids are mostly all grown and out of the house she has been able to follow this passion and has become a certified tutor and finds great fulfillment from helping struggling children develop a love of reading as well.
Below is my niece Kaylee all dressed up after her school's Thanksgiving Feast. Isn't she adorable!?!

This picture is being annoyingly stubborn and won't go to where it belongs, so for the sake at keeping my frustration level low, I am leaving it here. But it should be up by the picture of Matt and the kids in bed.

Matt and his Buddy Carter. These two are such cute buds. I LOVE IT!!

Grandma Bonnie and Grandpa Jay gave a Hayden a walker for her Birthday. But because Hayden was getting antsy to walk and was pushing anything around that she could, Grandma gave it to Hayden around Thanksgiving. We got a couple cute videos of her learning how to use her walker:

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