Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Go Aggies!

I know that title may seem so Odd and somewhat wrong for me to write seeing as our household is die hard BYU, but we have a new boy in town that is even getting us to start swinging towels around and yelling, "Go Aggies!"

Everyone around here is totally smitten by our cutie putootie cousin that is now practically a neighbor. He has Carter turned into an Aggie fan. He broke the news to Dad the other night and Dad took it very well, I mean really who could blame him after hanging out with our little friend so much!


Dan and Jen said...

That's awesome! What cute boys. How fun to have a cousin so close!

Whit said...

I love seeing these two together! I never have before! Thanks so much for posting it-it made my day!

Lorie Walters said...

Love the "Go Aggies!" Cute boys!