Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Sleeping Beauties

Here are some of the things that have made my beauties so sleepy:

Lots of snow storms that have been closing school. So we are either sleepy because
we get dressed up and play out in the cold for about 5 minutes before we bail (it takes longer to get dressed properly than the time he actual plays in his snow outfit). Or we are sleepy from the
boredom that sets in from being stuck in the house once again!! I tell you what I am getting fed up with all these wimpy school closings!!
Carter was a doll on our first big snow storm and helped me to shovel our 3 car garage driveway. This driveway is a heck of a lot more work than shoveling my one car driveway in PGH!!

Can you tell we are getting some major cabin fever and desperately playing with anything we can get our hands on?!? In this particular picture above, I was upstairs long enough to sort and put away all the laundry I had folded that day. I came downstairs to see: Hayden eating glue stick, Carter got his hands on some scissors and cutting everything he could get his hands on, and all the markers had their lids off and were strewn everywhere (and Hayden must have been eating the markers too because she had a very colorful mouth mixed in with the glue stick). And as I look at this picture, I can't believe that i am actually posting this picture for the world to see the whirlwind that was my house at this moment. But Marie, this one is for you: just keeping it real!

Hayden is really into feeding her babies now days. And after getting all woozy from the glue stick she can't keep all the facial parts differentiated, thus she is feeding her baby through her eyeball. But hey, most stoned mothers don't even bother to feed their babies.

Her latest word: "Ba ba" - "Bottle."

Another way we've been working ourselves to the point of exhaustion is by playing "Playground" every single day, multiple times a day. I tell you that Dance Party really helps ya work it out. (Playground is a Cranium game and I highly recommend it.)

Then there's our crazy and wild Family Home Evenings:

We've also been shakin our Money Makers. Hayden has started dancing to music and she knows how to get her hips a goin (and she doesn't even need to be high on her glue stick to do it):

And here, Hayden is so tired that she can fall asleep not only mid-meal, but also mid-laugh!

And with that I say, Buenos Noches I'm going to bed!


Scott, Kara, Paul and Brad said...

What cuties! Looks like you had some fun while been snowed in. My in laws are in Coulmbia Mo and they are snowed in also.

Anna-Lisa said...

Good luck coming up with more to do - though it looks like your kids are pretty good at entertaining themselves!

Anna-Lisa said...

Good luck coming up with more to do - though it looks like your kids are pretty good at entertaining themselves!