Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lovin those Locks

Now that Hayden is getting bigger (14 months) her hair is getting longer. I have started to get the itch to be more creative with it. Those that know me, know that it goes against my instinctive nature to be "girly" so it's not a natural thing for me to try and do Hayden's hair. I am doing the best I can and hope to keep learning fun and different things.

A few weeks ago, I learned how to do a new hair do and last Sunday we practiced again to get it right. Her little curls were being co-operative as well and looked so cute.

Today (Sunday) it was time for bath time. Hayden isn't a huge fan of the bath. She usually stands and clings on to the side of the tub as if her life depended on it. Today, after swimming in an indoor pool during the week I got her to sit in a very shallow tub. Since this is the first time she has sat in the tub in probably a couple months I thought I better try and get a couple bath pictures.

After bath, it's time to get dressed and do hair. I was inspired by her curls last week and wanted to try to bring out her natural curls more. Usually, her hair will only stay curly for just a little bit out of the bath so I got some product recommended by Aunt Meagan and "amped" her curls up quite a bit.

I think she liked them as well. :)


Sarah Keith said...

Amber, she is so so so cute! I love her chub, her sweet face, and her hair! I can't wait till Elsa has some hair that I can do! At least for now it is still a little red! Love you and miss you and still think about you every time I drive near Livingston st!

Atrena said...

Cute! Keep posting your hair styles for Hayden because I'll need some ideas for my girls! Right now it's just piggies or a pony tail.

Whit said...

Holy cuteness! Those bathtubs pictures give me deja vu of Carter's bathtub pictures. Have you held them side by side?? Twinners!!

Dan and Jen said...

So cute!!! I love those curls. And bravo on the hairdos. There are some really cute hair blogs that can give you ideas. I try (somewhat unsuccessfully) with Syd's hair a lot. Her hair is so fine and so straight that a lot of the styles don't work as well. But I bet Hayden's hair will be really fun to try things on as it gets longer because it's curly.

minimistro said...

WOW SOOOO CUTE AND FUNNY! her curly hair is gorgeous. and i don't know about anyone else, but with that first picture, it took me a second to realize that it wasn't ashlyn. it was wierd. and thats not the first time it's happened.